Thank you for your prayers

I would like to thank everyone for the thoughts, prayers, cards and flowers and for those of you who came to my father, Frank Kelly’s funeral.

Many of you remember my mother Gwen Kelly who rode in the “Spirit of Pharlap” show at age 76, she was an incredible dog and horse trainer as everyone knows, but she also trained cats to do tricks, and even as a little girl I was already training cats & our family dog to do every trick we could think of.  You may also remember my incredible sister Shauna Kelly who was truly a remarkable woman and a great gift to the world of education and music.

As I am the very last remaining member of the Kelly Family, (the “endling”) I am dedicating my book to them, “The Last Wild Horse” as I always knew, whatever my achievements, wherever I went in the world, it was because I stood on the shoulders of three people who taught me the strength to achieve anything I set out to do.

Again, thank you for your prayers at this difficult time.



Teach your horse or dog to come when called

Horses & Ponys

Teaching your HORSE to come when called is incredibly easy.  Just keep going to the fence as many times a day as you can, use the same call, or whistle or sound that you like, and offer a treat.

If they don’t come…walk away.   Come back again in a half an hour and do it again and again.  Sooner or later, they’ll come!

I NEVER “catch horses”, i.e. go up to a horse with a halter.   No way!  For a start, how are you going to FIND your horse in a 1,000 acre paddock, not to mention catch them if they run off!

Remember….dairy cows line up twice a day without being called?  Why?  Because it is ENJOYABLE!  They are only fed and let go, that’s it.  Treat your horse like a dairy cow, and you’ll have them lining up for dinner.

Dogs: Service dogs, assitance dogs, pets, and problem dogs

Dogs can be a bit tricker to teach, especially some breeds if they are not food orientated.  However, with a little bit of persistence and a lot of practice, you can get the laziest dogs, and the most “I can run away and not listen to you” dogs to be your perfect pet!

Here’s a great little video on training your dog to come when called:

See video

VALE: RIP: Francis (Frank) Kelly

Funeral Notice: Frank Kelly late of 25 Thendara Drive Mount Nathan, Qld. 4211

Perfect Square Facebook Frank Kelly (Francis Kelly) Funeral Notice

End of an Era for the Gold Coast!

Vale: Frank Kelly

Well known Gold Coast personality, Francis Kelly, or Frank as he was known to his friends passed away in his sleep at aged 88 in Robina Hospital at 12:30am Sunday October 15, 2017.

A Qantas Chief Steward in the 1950’s and 60’s, Frank met his lovely soon to be wife at the Guilford Dance on a Friday night, and nearly asked her to marry him that night…but he waited until after Sunday lunch!  Once she finally agreed, there was no church to be married in, so Frank, and his future father in law, Alan Manuel built the church that stood on Campbell Hill Road, Chester Hill, and both daughters were baptized in the same church!  He also built the house they lived in for many years in Chester Hill.

Frank and his wife Gwen (sadly passed) moved to the Gold Coast where he was a prominent real estate agent for many years.  Both Frank and Gwen were on the Parents and Friends Committee of Marymount College for all the years their daughter, Colleen went to the school.

The couple started a group called the Accommodation Owners Association, and at one stage, before the invention of computers, there was an “AOA” sign outside every accommodation house on the Gold Coast.  Frank was the President, and Gwen the secretary until it was replaced by the Gold Coast’s “Sunlover” Package, invented and distributed by the Kellys.

Both daughters played in the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra, and Gwen and Frank were soon on the Committee of the Orchestra.  When the elder daughter Shauna auditioned for the Queensland Youth Orchestra, the couple were soon on the Board of the QYO as well.  The QYO was invited to perform at the International Festival of Youth Orchestra’s in Switzerland in the early 1970’s, along with Frank’s daughter Shauna, now passed.  This was a thing that had never been done before, and Frank and Gwen were the only QYO Board members in favor of the children going.  They had to put up quite a fight to show the other Board Members that it really was possible.  Frank raised enough money for all 98 children, plus chaperones and their instruments to attend the Festival, and were so popular they were even invited to play at La Scala Opera House in Italy!

As a long-standing Committee Member of Surfers Paradise Surf Club, Frank was involved in the famous rescue of 17 people off Ten the Esplanade, and before the State Emergency Service was invented, he volunteered in the rescue and clean up of the infamous TAA plane crash into Botany Bay, and was awarded for his role in the evacuation of Korean forces.

Frank and Gwen were big supporters of Boys Town over the years hosting various functions, and as major donors they were given the honor of a Life Time Award some years ago.

With the island of Kiribati was in terrible distress after hurricanes, it was mentioned they needed donations, and that they were trying to arrange a full container…Frank Kelly managed to get so many donations of pharmaceuticals and tractors and saddles for doctors and missionaries to get into the mountains….an entire BOAT load of containers.

Frank is well known as helping start the bush fire brigade in the Clagiraba Valley, and for fighting council to make sure that the Clagiraba Quarry was stopped, and the Clagiraba Reserve was finally used for that…as a reserve, instead of it being fenced away from the public….certainly a controversial figure in the area fighting for many just causes!

Frank is survived by his daughter, Colleen, a retired Adjunct Professor of Biomechanics, and his brother Peter of De Paul Villas, Ashmore.

All welcome…

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Service dog “stuck” in USA…

Colleen Kelly's Dog Amber Service DogThose of you who have worked with Amber, seen her do demonstrations all over the USA will know I couldn’t possibly live the same life without her now.

We were obviously training her like all our other performance and competition animals, but then, with my breast cancer I got so deaf from the medicine, I had to retire from teaching as it was dangerous not hearing what the students were saying, and she was trained to be a full service dog in 2015 for the phone, door, alarms, but our favorite…she taught herself “left”, “right” and “final destination” from the GPS!!!  That’s a fascinating thing with absolutely no body language – merely audible language from a machine.  (Personally the biggest thing I miss is her telling me the kettle and microwave is ready!)

With my breast cancer history, and so many years on the road teaching people, I was ready to retire back home, but the Aus Government STILL hasn’t answered the application!  She’s passed all her vet paperwork, but they’ve taken so long, she’s missed her flight date.

Why won’t they answer?

Here’s more about Amber

Most fun balance tip

Easy balance tip…

No matter if you’re a horse rider trying to stay on a frisky horse, or a handler trying to keep on your feet with a big, boistrous dog you’re training for a client…you need good balance. And, the older you are, the more balance becomes important.

Here it is: Clean your teeth on one foot!

BE CAREFUL!  Support yourself with one hand, put your leg out straight (not bent!) in front of you – and clean your teeth on one foot.

What do you have to lose trying it?  Bad balance that’s what!

WARNING: BE CAREFUL!   Support yourself.  And, please do not do any exercises if you are injured. Seek medical advice & clearance before any physical activity!

Quick posture tip you can do WHILE SHOPPING!

No matter if you are a dog handler trying to handle an “out of control elephant” a client has given you to re-train, or you’re a rider trying to stay on riding at the Olympics – balance is vital – and could be the difference between life and death for the rider, or losing your dog and them running off.

Go shopping…

Yes, that’s right…finally shopping has a purpose (lol!).  Instead of pushing your trolley with your hands and knuckles on top, roll your hands over so they are underneath the bar, so your fingernails point up.

As you’re pushing your trolley try lifting the back wheels slightly off the ground as you roll along.


Do not do any physical activity or exercise without the permission of a medical professional.

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