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Raw chicken fed to dogs linked to paralysis in new Uni study.

The prestigious University of Melbourne has been a world leader in many things – including this new frightening research from it’s U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital,

Feeding raw chicken – ESPECIALLY CHICKEN NECKS – could be potentially fatal, now the University has proven links to the horrendous disease known as APN (Acute polyradiculoneuritis) – increasing the likelihood of contracting the disease by 70%!

An astounding figure!

When new science comes through, you can listen or ignore, but please at least read their study first….

Dr Matthias le Chevoir, chief investigator on the project, says “In our clinic alone we see around 30 cases per year and around three in ten cases would not recover. Watching your pet suffer is obviously very distressing…”

See Melbourne University Study here

Will anthropomorphizing wreck your dog or horse’s training?

“Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. It is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology. “Wikipedia

I’d never hear of such a big word until recently…we don’t talk like that too much in the bush, lol.  I was hearing a service dog trainer saying how bad it was, and how we shouldn’t attribute human traits or emotions to animals.

Science proves grumpy old man with the newspaper wrong!

Just go on youtube now and have a look at the MYRIAD of videos from University-based research to show that indeed dogs and horses DO understand language, they DO have emotions – and they DO understand OUR emotions…in other words, they are a lot smarter than some old grumpy old man training the dog ‘out the back’ with a rolled up newspaper ever thought they were.

BUT: Here’s the problem…

Of course you have a problem with a 10 year old kid is standing at the front of a horse trailer holding a rope that goes all the way through and out the back of the trailer where Mum, in high heeled sandals is freaking out with a pony rearing and semi-trailers roaring by.

People who don’t want to antropomorthoise animals don’t want the kid at the front of the trailer with a cookie at the front door whispering to Fluffy the Pony: “Come on Fluffy, I love you Fluffy, walk on please Fluffypuffy, I’ll give you a big treat tonight if you’re a good boy Fluffy, who’s my little wiggly woggly fluffy wuffie….and expecting poor Fluffy the pony to stop freaking out at the semi trailers speeding by and realise there’s a kid with a cookie. It’s obvious and dangerous.

But, in my opinion, some trainers have gone too far.  They’ve lost the love!

Where did the love go?

You’ve only got to watch some kid, soaking wet, on a trampoline, with the dog, flopping all over them, roughing the dog up, and the dog LOVING it and coming back for more.  That same ‘roughing up’ with a different intention, and the dog sure knows they’re in trouble.

You’ve only got to see some of the Police K9 Units at the end of the day PLAYING with their dogs, and roughing them up, and throwing toys and really rough and tumbling that dog, especially if the officer is young and fit, and they really “go a round” together, and the officer isn’t injured and the dog just loves it.  They humanise the dogs all over the place, with silly pet names, and toys and fun. Obviously they still know how to do their job…but the officers humanise them something chronic!

A kid can rough up a dog upside down on the floor really really quite roughly, and the dog LOVES it…IF THE DOG IS IN THE RIGHT MOOD –  they’ll swing around and beg you for more.

But, they can be highly trained at the same time.  YOU CAN DO BOTH.  You can have highly trained animals AND love….SURPRISE!

Sure…don’t try to think Fluffy’s going on the trailer with a cookie in the middle of a lightening storm…but geez…don’t forget what you did when you were a kid…and the LOVE you once had.  Where did that go?  Hopefully not to spurs and whips.

I’ve you’ve been down lately, if you’ve been stressed.  If’ you’ve been yelling or tense with your friends or partner….find that love again with your pet. Go for a play! Go for a walk in the bush, and you’ll find that connection you know, in your deep heart, is missing.

Blessings,  Your friend on this wonderful trail of life,


From our Friends at PBS…

Here’s a link to just one cute video to get you started….

Getting older dogs moving again!

One of the things I love is taking on issues with pets that can help their health.

Here’s a little dog I have been working with.  Chihuahua’s can be quite snippety, so you learn a thing or two when you deal with that bread.

This is what I’ve been working on:

  • SNIPPY.  She would get very snippy when you picked her up.  A friend had mentioned he’d tried to bite before.  So, for a few days I’ve left that alone, and worked around it to build her confidence.  I’ll send you a video on that later.
  • RUNNING.  She would RACE in her walk in the park so fast she looked like a paso fino, and the stress meant she couldn’t walk far, at all, without overheating and unable to catch her breath.  I’ll make a video of that tomorrow or the next day, and put it up for you….so check back to see how I fixed that.
  • WEAK BACK LEGS/FITNESS. The dog couldn’t jump on the bed.  I know Chihuahua’s that can jump on the bed.  Now this dog is old, so, fair enough, but have a look at the video below, at just one fun way to getting those old legs working and fitter! Plus she was SO EXCITED.  Her eye sight isn’t the best, so it was a huge exercise in trust coming back down….so take a look at how much fun and trust this dog has on the video below.
  • ACCEPTANCE OF THE PAT.  The little girl wouldn’t accept patting (petting spell USA) very well.  She would cower as though you were about to beat it to a pulp, and I’ve know the owner, and the owner is gorgeous, it’s just a Chihuahua’s “thing”.  I lovel love love these little dogs, but, no offence,  a lot of them are hypochondriacs/attention seekers, lol!  They’re SO CUTE!  I’ll film that tomorrow how I fixed it and put it up on this website again…so check back!

I know my fans are used to me producing videos on Piaffe/Passage and flying changes, or  some fine point of judging dressage, but isn’t it beautiful, at the end of my career to be able to use all that knowledge to give back to a little doggie who is going to live longer, be happier, and make her Mummie happy for a very long time.

(PS Ignore my funny pretend voice, I was trying to be cute for her owner who is currently in Antartica, and I’m house/pet sitting for her).

Take a look at this cute Beautiful Short Video



Animal Intelligence: Dogs really are different!

I’ve always been with dogs, and I’ve always been fascinated by their ability to learn language, and language -vs- posture (where we point).

However this very simple 60 Minutes Video explains it better than I’ve ever had the words to explain – especially the part about a wolf ripping apart a tupperware container to get the treat inside, whereas a domesticated dog has something different from all other animals…they will ask for help.

Cats will too, however they have to be very well trained to be, for example, stuck in a fence and ask for help.  Mostly, they just panic, like horses.  But dogs, yes they actually have that one gift that separates them – the ability to con you into doing stuff for them, lol!

Us long term animal owners, trainers and handers have always known that…now science proves it.

Take a look at this “NOT TO BE MISSED” video:


Thank you for your prayers

I would like to thank everyone for the thoughts, prayers, cards and flowers and for those of you who came to my father, Frank Kelly’s funeral.

Many of you remember my mother Gwen Kelly who rode in the “Spirit of Pharlap” show at age 76, she was an incredible dog and horse trainer as everyone knows, but she also trained cats to do tricks, and even as a little girl I was already training cats & our family dog to do every trick we could think of.  You may also remember my incredible sister Shauna Kelly who was truly a remarkable woman and a great gift to the world of education and music.

As I am the very last remaining member of the Kelly Family, (the “endling”) I am dedicating my book to them, “The Last Wild Horse” as I always knew, whatever my achievements, wherever I went in the world, it was because I stood on the shoulders of three people who taught me the strength to achieve anything I set out to do.

Again, thank you for your prayers at this difficult time.