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Human movement and industrial biomechanics specialist.

Colleen Kelly
Official Dressage Judge &
Adjunct Professor of Sports Biomechanics (Retired)



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  1. I hope Colleen is doing well.

    Will there be any rider clinics in Ontario, Canada next year? Not the teacher training



  2. I’d be interested in at least a lesson or facility pending, a half day clinic.

  3. Oh! I’m in central Florida in the Lakeland area.

    • Would love an in hand lesson if you have time! :)) . 863 6785133 c. The weather is still mild in the am. Laura Levy

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      • Hi Laura, I would love to but I’m up in Canada….I won’t be returning to Florida until the fall, however would love to catch up then…very best wishes, Colleen Kelly

      • No worries I got a fragment that said you were in Lakeland. Must have been oldi was surprised you had moved so fast. Is your insurance written in Florida? You know elections are coming at the state level. We DO contribute. And THEY always want more…

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  4. Hi Colleen. I am wanting to know if you will be holding a teacher trainer clinic in Australia next year? I am a level 4 Parelli student and am very much wanting to learn more about rider bio mechanics. I am based in NSW and have heard that you have held courses in Sydney before. Many thanks.

    • Hi Emily, Yes, we will definitely hold teacher training in Australia again, possibly in either June, 2014 or January 2015. Where abouts are you located? Would you mind emailing our secretary, Nicole Schneider. Nicole will be working on the dates soon, but if you are interested in helping us arrange a teacher training, we only need 8 people to come, and we can hold it. And, of course then your own attendance is free. Email Nicole and we’ll try to work to do something together in the future. Best wishes!

  5. I have had a “forever” issue with my mare not picking up the canter. Balking, ears back, crazy fast trotting, any avoidance technique, but no canter. No leg is enough and spurs just piss her off even more. I was very frustrated tonight, and googled “my horse won’t canter” and found your training technique. I have been using Clinton Anderson training techniques, which she has learned quickly and have definitely made some positive changes, but I haven’t been able to find help to get her cantering other than just smacking her ass.. I am very excited to start working your plan tomorrow!!! I will check back in in a few weeks and update her progress. Thank you!!!


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