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After 34 years using my human movements and biomechanics background in the horse industry, I have finally retired from teaching to pursue my pure biomechanics and human movement career – and to write one heck of a “tell all” book!

I retired from teaching riders after my dismay at the industry riddled with spurs, whips, horrendous bits, drugging, beating and general abuse of the horse, even at the highest levels.

But I haven’t given up!  As Anna Sewell wrote “Black Beauty” that changed the horse world forever – I hope to do the same – or even go one step further!

My “tell all” or “whistleblower” book about the horrific nature of horse competition, and what happens, as an Official Judge (retired) and competitive rider behind “behind the scenes” will shock you, thrill you, and hopefully give answers for the future.

My book, “The Last Wild Horse” trilogy will show us another way, show us the beauty of love and kindness with horses again.

In the meantime, as the ex Spokeswoman for the WorkCover Authority of NSW, I am still touring the world giving advice and information on preventing ergonomic and movement-related injuries, and helping companies prevent law-suits well into the future.

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