Receiving 'thank you' award from the mounted escort to the Queen of England's Guards, the London Metropolitan Police training headquarters, Imbercourt, England.
Receiving a “thank you” for my lectures to the London Metropolitan Police – the Mounted Police Escort to Queen Elizabeth’s Mounted Guards.

Visiting A/Professor Colleen Kelly is a retired world leader in the field of sports biomechanics and sports injury prevention through correct posture and balance of the athlete. Colleen started her career in exercise physiology, some 40 years ago, working in major rehabilitation gymnasiums in Australia, originally working with footballers, then weightlifters, runners.

Finally, her own sport: horse riding saw her move to America to train clients to many Olympics, Paralympics (including medals!), and Colleen herself was invited to give 17 presentations at the World Equestrian Games Festival in Lexington Kentucky in 2010.

The recipient of many Awards & Honors, Colleen’s world tour saw her speak at Universities such as Queensland University, University of Kentucky, Averett University, Asbury University, Virginia Tech, to name a few See .

Colleen is retired, (see breast cancer blog) but still follows several homeless charities, and donates her time as a Board Member of the International Anti Slavery Commission.

…and she still hasn’t lost that famous Aussie sense of humor that saw audiences around the world wracked with laughter watching a scientist!


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