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Last minute nerves before I go on stage to teach!

Hi and welcome….

This is my Offical Home Page, and I hope you get a lot from my pages.  We’re changing things a lot here now as I step down from my long-held Presidency of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics.

Many of you have followed me through the trials and tribulations of my career – and I’m proud that I’ve made it through breast cancer, losing my family, and some pretty scary, yet educational experiences in my life.

Crowd at Tennessee Tour Stop Colleen Kelly Photograph

What a HUGE opening to the Tennessee Training Weekend. The best opening EVER! Congratulations to everyone behind the scenes: Producer, Director, Sound & Film Cres…. and all the fans for coming!

I have retired due to my health, mostly it was driving everyone crazy (mostly me, lol) my deafness now.  I realized I was missing conversation, and more dangerously in the field of training horses and dogs – missing a cry for help!

So, with the old saying “get out while the going’s good….” I retire at the top of my career, and I have sold Black Pearl Farm to wonderful new owners, and moved home to nurse my father, who ultimately passed recently.

Colleen Kelly's Service Dog Amber at the White House

Amber the Service dog visits the White House!

I hope you enjoy “The Last Wild Horse”.  This is a “tell all” of the nastiness I have seen in my world as an Official Judge for 34 years.  I didn’t get 100% in the judge’s exam for no reason – and it’s the strangest reason…I could see in Australia horses behind the vertical, mouths open, slobbering…and I cast my mind back to playing polocrosse myself when I was a kid and how I used to kick that poor darling horse with spurs – basically as hard as I could.

It took me a long time, and the same lesson again and again (i.e. injury – these horses hurt!) to teach me what I was doing was BEYOND wrong.  Now “The Last Wild Horse” will show us another way, show us the beauty of horses again.  It is set in Beijing, and far western China – and it’s not just about horses.

Thank you for your patience over the years when I was sick and couldn’t get back to you…but this book is my way of answering every question you could ever ask me about training dogs, cats and horses.  It’s my life’s work combined…from my mother teaching me how to train cats as a little girl – to the world stage in front of 300,000 people a year!

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