Clinic/lessons in Santa Fe

I’m sorry I’m retired now due to my breast cancer, but look back, happily, on such a wonderful career…

Hi everyone,

We’re coming through Santa Fe (Nambe) on the way to Colorado, and invite you to come along to ride or watch.

This will be a VERY INFORMAL and fun clinic, and you’re ALL WELCOME.  No matter how old, how young, what sport, and what level of expertise.

If you’re in pain when you ride, or would like to improve your balance & confidence…this is the weekend for you.

Please don’t think “I’m not good enough” to ride with us.  You don’t wait until you’re a concert pianist to have a piano lesson.  NERVOUS RIDERS – YOURE SO WELCOME!

We will work with you in a totally respectful and careful way, so please do come along….and SPREAD THE WORD with people in the area.

Contact Shelley Bachicha

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