ELBOWS: Simple balance tip

I’m sorry I’m retired now due to my breast cancer, but look back, happily, on such a wonderful career…

Athletes often hear¬† “you have one shoulder higher”, or “drop your left shoulder“…but shoulders are so hard to MEASURE, and hard to feel and improve.

However…much easier is the ELBOWS. ¬†Instead of trying to figure out what the shoulders are doing….your elbows are WAY EASIER to feel.

Just rub your elbows up against your waist and you’ll soon see if one is lower than the other.

And of course if one elbow is more forward…that hand is more forward, putting a ‘twist’ through the spine!

Much easier than trying to figure out what your shoulders do, and WAY easier for coaches to see from the ground (especially in winter in lots of bulky clothing).