Back pain sitting at desks

Quick tips for back pain from sitting at desks

Everything is fine, but then one day we wake up and BAM it we can barely stand up.

Or, one day you start getting headaches, day after day.

WARNING:  You must work with a medical professional. You must find out if there is an underlying medical issue.

But as far as biomechanics goes – here’s GREAT tips that got my back sorted, and got my pupils to the Olympics again and again:

  1. Clean your teeth on one foot.   No 1 exercise I give my Olympic athletes!  Put one leg straight out in front of you.  Best exercise for the elderly – but be careful to hold the cabinet until you’re steady!
  2. Stand on one foot. Truck drivers have to stop to refuel. Office workers need to get up to go to the bathroom. Everyone makes a cup of tea or coffee, or gets a cool drink from the fridge.  But SPECIFICALLY:   with the other leg straight out in front of you. 


If your staff sit for long hours – you are inviting future lawsuits. Simple as that.

If you employ truck drivers, or anyone that sits for long yours  – there are ways you can avoid future lawsuits.

As the previous Spokeswoman for the WorkCover Authority of NSW, I have been speaking to businesses, schools & Universities around the world.

However, now that I am semi-retired, I will still do events for charitable purposes, or for organisations that have a charitable purpose.   So, contact me if you would like me to give a key-note presentation, or short day course.