Colleen Kelly teaches famous London Metropol Police (mounted escorts to the Queen of England’s Guards)

Colleen Kelly...receives a "thank you" from London's Metropolitan Police

What an honor to be acknowledged by my own personal heroes the guys that can take off their saddles while jumping fences…what an incredible opportunity to teach at London’s Metropolitan Police – mounted Police guards to Queen Elizabeth’s Guard

July 16, 2013. What an incredible day!  This page and video below has been up for nearly a year and imagine my surprise when the Police Inspector and PC Anne Fortheath invited me to go and teach the Metrolpol Police today.  It’s almost a case of “wishful thinking”, when I put this video up I had NO IDEA I’d ever meet them, much less teach them.  Today I watched this video again, and I think I’m even MORE blown away now I’ve met them, and seen how wonderful they are in person, and to see the museum at Imber Court with photos of the terrible tragedy of the horses in the Hyde Park Bombing. May St. Michael Patron Saint of Police look after all “my” boys and girls on the beat.


Did you see the wonderful
personal message
from the First Lady?
See short clip here

Here’s the original video I put up a year ago you just
HAVE TO HAVE TO watch till the end it’s only a couple of minutes….