Visiting Adjunct Professor Colleen Kelly first started her career in exercise physiology, nearly 40 years ago, culminating in a career that saw her lecture at Universities such as the University of Kentucky, Averett University, Asbury University, Virginia Tech, and Queensland University.
Colleen has trained many Olympic and Paralympic medallists and received a thank you award for teaching the London Metropolitan Police – the mounted escort to the Queen of England’s guards.
As the only judge ever to get 100% in the Judge’s exam, Colleen was invited to speak at the world’s most prestigious event – the World Equestrian Games – in Kentucky – the world’s highest honour.
But, Colleen started to see the horse industry cracking and cruelty getting worse – riders were not being punished for drugs, whips, spurs and mouths strapped so tight that one had it’s nose broken at an event. By now, Colleen was the world No. 1 in her field but she stopped teaching and abandoned the horse industry to write her explosive tell all novel “The Last Wild Horse  as a whistle-blower on the cruelty she had personally seen behind the scenes at the very highest levels. Thendara Publishing November, 2018
Colleen’s breast cancer led to her retirement and the invention of her remarkable charity project Green Barcode Project a submission to the United Nations to end modern slavery.  Colleen still speaks around the world on what we can do, personally, to end cruelty to horses.

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Colleen Kelly Saint

“It takes a long time to “wake up” to what you’re doing”  Retired Official Judge, Colleen Kelly, finally  turned her back on the horse industry to write the explosive “tell all” book: “The Last Wild Horse

Saint Black and White Luis Lucio Clinic

Demonstrating slight shoulder in through only vision aid and weight into the outside foot on the magnificent “Saint”, Colleen’s final partner.

Colleen Kelly and Saint Pink Ears!

Before she retired speaking out against cruelty in the industry, Colleen gave demonstrations all around the world.  He she is showing how if you put a bit more weight in one stirrup you can make a horse crooked or straight or sideways (and the fun pink hat was to show the crowd!).  Notice Colleen always wore a helmet.

Colleen Kelly London Metropolitan Police Award

Thank you from London Metropolitan Police – mounted escort to the Queen of England’s Guards. Take a look at them taking their saddles off while jumping!  Unbelievable footage on Youtube. Click here

Colleen Kelly CK Rider Logo

In her final year Colleen lectured to 300,000 people across the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. at the world’s largest equine Festivals, Fairs and Shows.

Saint and Quadrille Colleen Kelly on the outside

Quadrille Trainer and Performer (Colleen on right)

Colleen Kelly at University of Kentucky UK

Speaking  at the University of Kentucky



Colleen Kelly Saint in Stable Maryland

Colleen comes from four generation of animal trainers known for their kindness, treats, and amazing tricks with horses, dogs and even cats. Take a look at Colleen’s Trick Cat!


Square Colleen Kelly Logo Bio


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