October, 2014 – Saint wins again!

100% success...Saint winning at every single show he's been to, this time 4 firsts and Reserve Champion High Point

100% success…Saint winning at every single show he’s been to, this time 4 firsts and Reserve Champion High Point

What a wonderful treat it is to have a horse like Saint.  100% success, winning at every single show he’s been to, and today was no exception! This time not one but FOUR firsts, and reserve champion high point.

17 SepteColleen Kelly - Nathan Brashear & Saint%22.001mber, 2014
A dream come true!

I have wanted to do this for so long.

It’s been my dream to find a vaulter in TN or KY that I could train with for gala evening performances.  In his final performance before going to the National Guard, Nathan Brashear and myself on Saint at Black Pearl Paris KY.  That is the BEAUTIFUL music of the famous country and western singler, Craig Dodson, who came to the Symposium and created quite an impression of the wonderful work with ACTHA, and how it can help our students.    Video  here:

June 14, 2014Recommended Horse Motels and Overnight Stays USA.001
Huge win in Georgia, USA

Two firsts - one second - one third - and two qualifying scores for the USDF Bronze Medal....not bad after 15 years of not competing!!!  What a horse!!!

Two firsts – one second – one third – and two qualifying scores for the USDF Bronze Medal….not bad after 15 years of not competing!!! What a horse!!!

Well, I just couldn’t have believed what happened in Georgia!  After 15 years of not competing, I finally did it!  First time out…two firsts, one second, one third and two qualifying scores for the USDF Bronze Medal.

I knew this boy was good, but how would I have ever known the amazing scores, and amazing thrill it was to come back after a double mastectomy, and do so well.

Thank you so much to the world’s best groom: Nick Tsopanis.

Every day Nick tirelessly warms up Saint, grooms him totally, and looks after him, feeding him and cleaning stables.  What a guy!  Cannot help to think I really have the world’s two best men in my lives.

We really are sticking to our guns and training hard now for Rio de Janeiro, training him to loan him to a paraequestrian. He will need lots of support to get there, anything from feed to equipment to gas and of course horrendous entry fees….. We’ve proven we can do it…we’re doing our part…. CAN YOU HELP?

May 26, Kentucky – Tennesse – Georgia

Photographers Wanted!

Free Horse Riding DVD with Colleen Kelly at Sydney International CCI***Last night I had THE MOST AMAZING RIDE.

RESULT = I came in and joined the USEF/USDF/Booking on line competition site, and I’m roaring to go.  I am now riding in the new CKRider Saddle.  It’s made by the same people that make the Fluidity Saddle, but for me, it’s just the “Roll’s Royce”, yes it’s certainly more expensive leather, but last night I felt why!  I found the aids to get Saint to do a world class passage…NATURALLY!  You need to ride right on dark, with a little wind blowing, and the grass a little long and wavy, down the bottom of the property past the fenceline with two spring-enthused tiny calves, and one very emotional and overly defensive alpacca come screaming by….then I reemembered why I’d ordered the more expensive stickier leather.

I could SIT!  I didn’t get frightened.  It was like I was “sticky taped” to the saddle, but not BLOCKED with those hideous deep seats and big ugly thigh rolls right on top of the horse’s shoulder blades.

I’m calling it the “Anti-Slouch Saddle”.  You see I like to “oversit” on my tail bone, or “tuck my but” too much, and “slouch” where the back of my belt is LOWER than the front. It’s a lack of the normal arch in the spine.  This saddle MAKES you sit correctly, you don’t have a choice.  And, I can’t believe what it’s doing for my legs…you see when I loose my balance, and my legs go wrong it squeaks!  SERIOUSLY!  I tried to blame the saddle going “well it’s just a saddle that squeaks”, except when I get it right it’s SILENT….ERGH!@#$&)Q*#&

OK…it’s me….LOL

No photos today because I want some really BEAUTIFUL ones to show of my incredible Saint.

A wonderful moment with Tommy Fahey at Kentucky Horse Park after a week of intensity at Rolex and the Reining Cup selections for the World Equestrian Games

A wonderful moment with Tommy Fahey at Kentucky Horse Park after a week of intensity at Rolex and the Reining Cup selections for the World Equestrian Games

April 31, 2014 Kentucky Horse Park

What an AMAZING time we had at Rolex and the Reining Cup selections for the World Equestrian Games.  We had tradestands and seat and posture assessments throughout the week, and I still managed to ride Saint every morning.  The following day, all the crowds had gone home, the excitement was all over, and here captured at the Education Barn is Kentucky Horse Park Entertainment Director Tommy Fahey. What a beautiful picture!

April 17, 2014 – Black Pearl Farm

Colleen Kelly and Saint Black Pearl Farm April 2014

Colleen Kelly and Saint Black Pearl Farm April 2014

It’s been nearly 8 months since we bought Black Pearl Farm in Paris, KY, and finally I get to ride my beautiful “Saint”.  Here he is training in the indoor, preparing for the upcoming “Ride to Music Night”…very excited some 70 people will be coming including loads of people from the University of Kentucky, and Asbury University. What a wonderful night to come!

March 13, 2014
US Rider Saves the Day

PLEASE consider getting US Rider...for the safety of your horse!

PLEASE consider getting US Rider…for the safety of your horse!

You won’t ever see me recommend a product unless I use it myself, or use it on Saint, & really believe in it.

US RIDER came to the rescue AGAIN today  when the front door lock seized on our living quarters trailer.

The door wouldn’t open for love nor money, so I rang US Rider, and the locksmith came out (it was a 30 mile drive to Jim Crew’s place for him!) really quickly, got in the trailer no problem, and lock fixed and ALL FOR FREE as part of our membership.

The annual membership is NOTHING compared to the two locksmiths on two different occasions, and the TWO tow trucks (one for our trailer, one for the truck) that we have gotten for FREE FREE FREE the night of the truck fire.

All I can say is if you are in the USA and you don’t have US RIDER you’re nuts. AAA won’t find accommodation for your horse, and vets and farriers and specialist HORSE help.  And they won’t do much for your trailer either!  So, please, if you’re towing do two things 1) go and do a large animal rescue course such as TLAR 2) get US Rider!

March 12, 2014 – EXCITING NEWS!
I made it! BACK AT WORK!

Saint in training with Julio Mendoza, Maryland USA

Saint in training with Julio Mendoza, Maryland USA

So I said I’d be ready by March 16th (my birthday)…back at work after my double mastectomy…How did I go?  FOUR DAYS EARLY!!!

Today I picked up Saint and he looks FANTASTIC!  We’re on the way to Florida for lessons, then onto the Kansas Tour Stop. Thank you again Julio and Jessica Mendoza  Saint looks amazing!

October, 2013 Saint in training with Julio Mendoza, MD, USA

Dear friends husband and wife team Julio and Jessica Mendoza have stepped in to look after Saint while I have my operation and return hopefully by my birthday (March 16th – LOL – pays to advertise).

Breast Cancer (again) interrupts training…

Well, hopefully this time I’ll get rid of it ALL.  The operation is on November 26th, 2013, and they have a very good prognosis. At any rate, I’m too busy to be hampered by nonsense like this for too long…it interrupts my play time with Saint.  Keep up to date here: http://colleenkellyriderbiomechanics.com/2013/03/15/colleen-kellys-breast-cancer-struggle/

The Summit – Sept, 2013 Colorado – CELEBRATION!

Saint and Quadrille Colleen Kelly on the outside

My favorite time in the world…quadrille with the Linda Land team. I’m on the outside with Saint

It’s summit time again…where did the year go?

I had such an incredible year this year, and to be culminating in such a TERRIFIC summit. The quadrille were the best ever.

We don’t train, we only see each other once per year, shows what good training can do for horses.

Isn’t it a WEIRD CO-INCIDENCE that we all have big black horses…cool huh!  See you in 2014!

Signal Mountain TN

This is one of our favorite places to keep Saint in the USA. Home of friends Priscilla Roberts and Della Roberts we have regular riding clinics here all the time, and as we are flying in and out of TN to England, it was great to keep doggie Amber and Saint together.  Thank you ladies!

June 2014 England, UK

Oh boo hoo! We’re going to miss Saint as we go over the pond to England to give teacher training and riding clinics. He’s in GREAT hands in Tennessee and hope to update photos soon.

June – Over the border to CanadaFlag of Canada

Tim Horton’s here we come! We have the visa, we have the work permit, we have the dog permit, we have the horse permit, we’ve had the horse vet check, we’ve had the dog vet check…check check check…not easy but we’re on our way Canada. Hope our Commonwealth friends show is a great time!

June 19 – Iowa and a Tornado!

Colleen Kelly presenting to big crowds at the Iowa State Fair Grounds

Colleen Kelly presenting to big crowds at the Iowa State Fair Grounds

Iowa State Fair Grounds saw a great turn out.  Huge facilities, in fact I got lost several times trying to find the trailers! But, I reckon we’ve seen it all now, ice storms, snow storms, heat and rain, but at the Iowa Tour Stop…this time a TORNADO!  Seriously! And sadly great loss of life in Oklahoma just the next state over. Here, safely in the Iowa State Fair Grounds underground shelter were the “army of yellow” volunteers at the tour stop.

Sea of Yellow Volunteers hide out in safety in the tornado shelter Iowa State Fair Grounds

Sea of Yellow Volunteers hide out in safety in the tornado shelter Iowa State Fair Grounds

There were 2 shelters, and I must say I was very glad to be with a large group of volunteers are they were dank, dripping water and very much underground…all in all not a great combination when you don’t know what’s going on “upstairs”. Thank goodness the volunteers had managed to get in the evening supper so at least we could relax with food. Our troubles were nothing though, as we stopped for a minute’s silence before our meal thinking, and praying, for those who were caught in the storm. We were soon to find out about terrible destruction and loss of life not far from us in Oklahoma. Thank you so much to stable managers Dave and Ryan who WENT OUT WHILE UNDER TORNADO WARNING to get the horses from one safe stable to another!  That was an amazingly brave thing to do. I just couldn’t run that far myself, and the boys took care of the horses so well, they’re a credit to the team!

Colleen Kelly's Dodge 3500 pulls the big Freightliner out of the mud the day after the tornado!.

Colleen Kelly’s Dodge 3500 pulls the big Freightliner out of the mud the day after the tornado!.

And…the following morning, as the universe would have it, we were able to repay the favor!  We get a text that night asking “what time are we leaving” in the morning, and sure enough Dave and Ryan are stuck in the mud with the HUGE freightliner!  So, the next morning the Dodge Ram 3500 does it again!!! This time pulling the huge freightliner out of the mud with ease!  And, Nick didn’t even take the Hart trailer off, it was still attached!

May 3, 2013 – Saint on Parade – South Carolina

Saint Black Horse in Parade in Golfing Championships Downtown Aiken

Saint (right) on parade down the main street of Aiken…didn’t put a foot wrong!

Well most of you know that I’ve been terribly ill and might think it’s pretty nuts for someone fighting cancer to have a horse at all…but as this shows, Saint is blossoming without me! Under the hands of the skillful Kelly Sigler and Nicola Steffanina he has been learning every day! He’s worked 6 days a week, lots on the ground, and in the saddle.  Here he is at his very first parade down the main street of Aiken SC to announce the opening of the golfing tournament season.

March 3, 2013 – Pennsylvania

Our HART Trailer makes it safely through the snow and ice...AGAIN!

Our HART Trailer makes it safely through the snow and ice…AGAIN!

Christine Wertz and Charity Passhaus hosted a wonderful clinic at the beautiful Harmony Horsemanship Center.

Myself on Saint (left) and Kelly Sigler on Buckley (right) giving a demonstration to the early morning crowds.

Myself on Saint (left) and Kelly Sigler on Buckley (right) giving a demonstration to the early morning crowds.

Although it was cold, the feeling from the riders and the fun we were having kept us all warm!  Not only did Saint and Buckley give great demonstrations to the crowd…but in a very first …we went on a trail ride on the 2nd morning before we started the clinic..in the snow! For an Australian…that’s a dream come true to ride my wonderful “Saint” in the snow!

Putting theory into practice on an early morning snow ride before the clinic!

Putting theory into practice on an early morning snow ride before the clinic!

But more than just “fun in the snow” the people could really put the theory into practice, learning how we could benefit from uphill and downhill, and learning one of our great secrets: how to stop a bolting horse WITHOUT A CIRCLE! Turning sharp circles downhill in snow can be deadly dangerous, and the riders were very grateful to learn this great technique! As we were coming back to the USA from London, the wonderful Kelly Sigler drove our truck and trailer through heavy snow and ice to make it safely to the venue. Yet again I’m so grateful for the “trailer of my dreams”, my HART trailer to carry both Saint and Kelly’s beautiful Buckley to the clinic in safety!March 3, 2013 – Pennsylvania

February 23 – North Carolina

Saint's first jumping photo! So he CAN lift all four feet off the floor here with Nicola Steffanina at Kelly Sigler's Wagener SC property

Saint’s first jumping photo! Nicola Steffanina at Kelly Sigler’s Wagener SC property

Never really thought this would be it possible! We bought Saint because he was so quite and so bombproof and well trained that we knew he’d be great in front of the big crowds at the tour stops and performances. But, never ever thought we’d get him to JUMP!  It was so funny…the first time we put little barrels in the round pen at liberty he crashed through them…again and again!  He is so quiet he couldn’t even be bothered to lift his feet, it was HYSTERICAL!  Kelly Sigler and Nicola Steffanina are working him in SC while I’m away. If they can manage to get him to jump – they can train ANYTHING!

February 16, 2013 – Aintree UK

AINTREE RACECOURSE UK!  Goodness knows what I'm up to in this photo - but we sure had fun, and the crowds were HUGE! Standing room only!

Amazing time at the Aintree Racecourse UK! Goodness knows what I’m up to in this photo – but we sure had fun, and the crowds were HUGE! Standing room only!

Aintree Race Course – home of the famous Grand National (remember “National Velvet”?). The most amazing tour stop ever! Everyone was on fire, and we had the most successful show – EVER! There was such a sea of people waiting for autographs at the tradestand I could barely see Nick at the end doing posture assessments.  Thank you to everyone, and especially Lyla Cansfield and my PA Nicole Schneider (based in London).  What a trip!

ALABAMA. We had to fight the snow on the way in, and by goodness I was thankful for my HART Trailer. I can't recommend anything more highly. It's SAFETY FIRST when it comes to my Saint, but this is the 2nd time we've had to pull over in the freezing cold because of ice storms. Just pushed the button, the generator started, a home cooked meal and a bit of a wait, and we sailed through with ease. Thank goodness we chose well!

ALABAMA. We had to fight terrible SNOW and ICE on the way in. Saint arrived safe and ready to go. Thank goodness Nick made me buy a HART trailer!

January 19, 2013 – Alabama

What a wonderful tour stop!!! It sure was a scary ride in. Some people got delayed most of the night getting their horses in, but not us! The Gods must have shined upon us again. We hit the ice storm badly, and this is when I really sit back and think what a wise choice we made to really look around for the best trailer on the market. We pulled over for a while in case it was getting worse ahead of us. Just a push of a button, the generator started and we had all the heat we wanted. Nick cooked a wonderful meal, and we didn’t even have to go out in the snow to check our boy in the back.  Just opened the internal door, and Saint said thanks for his Winnies Cookie, and then back to sit in the warm, watch TV and wait for news ahead. Got in safely that night, and Saint was in perfect condition for rehearsals the next day. What a horse! Love the photo with the red bonnet showing the audience what “head tilt” looks like with one ear higher than the other.

Nov 29…Welcome to Florida….

Yes! It’s the Police pulling us over. This is the THIRD time we’ve been pulled over by Police to check our health certificates. This Officer was right at the Florida border.

The HART trailer, thousands of miles later…still perfect, but doesn’t help when you forget to stop at the Florida border LOL!  Getting welcomed into Florida…by the Police!!!  A good reminder for us all to look out for that border sign!  Thank goodness we take our health certificates seriously!

Yes, we were meant to stop at the border, but Kelly Sigler (it’s all her fault LOL) didn’t see the signs (of course no way could be my fault!). We could have received a $150 fine and 3 points off the licence, so if you’re coming to FL…TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! However, this lovely officer not only waived the fine with a warning, but even let us take his photo!

Wed Nov 28 – South Carolina

And…one of the best!  This year I’ve teamed up in the USA doing “super clinics”.  This way you can come along ride with me and have your biomechanics worked on, but also ride with Kelly Sigler who is an expert on the ground. We did 2 amazing clinics in Lovettesville VA, then came to Wagener SC.

Here with Kelly Sigler and her horse Buckley in the warm winter days in SC!

The clinics are great because in the first clinic there were a few problem horses, and Kelly could take them into the other arena for personal attention. That way they got great training, but didn’t feel “left out” of my group, as they could come back later for a lesson with me later in the day. In the 2nd clinic Kelly was able to do more advanced work on the ground. I even showed the crowd how piaffe and passage are trained from the ground. OK Saint’s not nearly up to it, but I could show how it’s done, and he did do beautiful shoulder in and travers and working on pirouettes in hand, so it was a great clinic. Sadly, it’s over for 2012.  But thank goodness we’ve got a break because 2013 is PACKED OUT!  Have a look at my coming events page you’ll see what I mean!  Not one single weekend free now!  WOW!  What wonderful support you have given me. And, we’re looking for a home in the USA.  I’ve got my upgraded visa application in, and hopefully we’re “ready to go”.  Thanks everyone for an amazing clinic year!

Monday Nov 12, 2012 –

OK the HART trailer is my dream trailer, and has already done thousands of miles without a single hitch…but it doesn’t help owners who lock their keys in! LOL!!!   US Rider just paid for themselves already! Locked keys in trailer…while on the road with 2 horses. They organised everything, and THEY PAID FOR IT!!! WOW WOW WOW! The trailer with Kelly Sigler’s and my horses outside our life-saving locksmith in Roanoak, VA

Going from SC to Lovettesville VA Clinic

US Rider  just paid for itself – after only a few weeks!  Our trailer door jammed this morning…with the keys inside.  We’re loaded ready to go to the Lovettseville VA clinic, horses on ready to go…and can’t get into the living quarters part of the trailer!  Rang US rider…first question: are you OK? are the horses OK? they knew EXACTLY what to do…because we’re on the highway we didn’t even have a real address where someone could meet us.  So, they figured out where we’d be in a few hours, what locksmith was closest to us, and then THEY PAID FOR OUR MISTAKE!  If you are trailering your horse – you MUST get US Rider!!!  I have heard so many nightmare stories that US Rider have solved! Broken down trucks, trailers with busted tires, they’ll fix just about everything AAA does…but they LOOK AFTER THE HORSE TOO!

Sat Nov 10, 2012 – Equine Extravaganza

Colleen Kelly and Elizabeth Shatner (William Shatner’s wife of Star Trek & Boston Legal fame) at Equine Extravaganza November 2012

What a day – what excitement.  A full circle moment.  After years of being sick, unable to walk and laying in bed all day, all I’d do is watch Star Trek. Last year I had the honor of meeting William Shatner, and finally a full circle moment to meet Mrs. Elizabeth Shatner at Equine ExtravaganzaI was on my way out, after riding my demo, and I was so excited as she was about to do her demo, and as Saint was black – and had white bandages, she asked me if I wouldn’t mind to come back in and have him in her demo as well!  Best day of my life!

Friday Nov 9, 2012 – Equine Extravaganza

First ride in public since 2002…hence my groom holding Saint for me outside the bathrooms LOL!!!

Equine Extravaganza This really was a lifetime achievement for me.  For so many years sick, injured and in the wheelchair, I had NO IDEA that I would ever ride again, loose nearly 70lbs now and go from a Size 20 to an almost Size 6!  Let alone own a beautiful horse like Saint!  Here’s my first photo at the event…nervous as heck with my groom Brittany holding him outside…well….you know where —- right at sunrise in the freezing cole before going to show him the arena (and the scary roller door – his nemesis) hours before the huge crowds arrived.  And, how was he with the door?  He was perfect…A Saint….

22 October, 2012 – Tennessee

Saint’s first “photo shoot” by professional photographer Megan Reseigh of “Moving Pictures“.  If you’re in the Tennessee area, then get her out.  These beautiful photos were taken in the outdoor at Priscilla Robert’s beautiful Signal Mountain property.

My number one exercise for balance and confidence…FINALLY I’ve got it safely in canter with Saint. Really stretching from my heels. It’s GREAT FUN!

Just before Hurricane Sandy hit, we had beautiful weather, and here a quiet moment at Priscilla Robert’s beautiful Signal Mountain TN property

Mmm…where’s my back legs LOL! This is a GREAT exercise for getting horses to know where their feet are, in the beginning for things like loading on trailers, but in the end for movements as high as piaffe!

29 September, 2012 – North American Police Championships, Maryland

Practicing my balance exercises on my VERY FIRST RIDE. Up before everyone else, I always want my horse to know that sunrise means I’ll be there, and I want him to be the last person he sees at night.

BIG ACHIEVEMENT TODAY!   My first ride! When Saint arrived in Colorado he seemed a bit nervous (or was it me LOL?), and I wasn’t real confident after all these years in hospital, wheelchair, recovery, so it was a bit “back to the drawing board” for me and loads of work on the ground each and every day.  And, it’s worth it. The ground work REALLY paid off! Here’s a picture of me doing my balance exercises, first thing in the morning (you can see the sunrise behind me) at the National Police Championships in Maryland.  There was lots going on, lots of commotion, and he was just a Saint.  What an amazing horse!

28 September, 2012 – NAPEC, Maryland

Where is Saint in the middle of all the noise and excitement…SNORING on the stable floor in the middle of the day!

Saint really is AMAZING. There’s people everywhere, excited competitors here at the National Police Championships in Maryland. They’ve got the most INCREDIBLE obstacles, and my friends Lisa Rakes and Dave Johnson are here from Lexington KY Mounted Unit.  They’re teaching the other mounted units about obstacles and how to handle them. Meanwhile, in all this excitement, I go back to the stable, and where is Saint?  SNORING! Not just laid out flat, but SNORING! He was so asleep that I got worried, he wouldn’t get up, I was worried about colic. After the photo, he got up, spat out balls of shavings shook his head and straight to the feed bin…so this seems to be normal for him. Other horses were screaming and fussing, and where is he…just like his Mum – favorite place in the world: in bed!

9 September, 2012

Linda Parelli (right) on Hot Jazz and myself on Linda's Grand Prix horse Zen at the Parelli Summit. Huge crowds for my first outing out of retirement!

ABOUT TO GO ON….Linda Parelli (right) on Hot Jazz and myself on Linda’s Grand Prix horse Zen backstage at the Parelli Summit just before we went on. Huge crowds for my first outing out of retirement!

Well, it’s here…the fantastic Parelli Summit. Three days of the most amazing fun you can have with a horse! And..of course for me it’s the first time performing in public in YEARS. After illness and injury I’M BACK! Linda Parelli let me ride her incredible Grand Prix horse “Zen”. What a horse! What an honor to ride in front of such an AMAZING crowd.  And, the release of our 2nd DVD at the same time. I can’t thank Linda enough for dragging me out of retirement…and soon it will be on my own horse Saint…fun times ahead!!!

21 August, 2012, Pagosa Springs, CO

My very first photo of Saint…he’s mine…he’s here, and I’M EXCITED. Shot from Linda’s house in beautiful Pagosa Springs, CO. USA.

Well…he’s here!  He’s arrived in Colorado.  My wonderful Ohio friends brought him down all that very long way. He arrived very sound, very solid, and totally 100% healthy.  He’s had a vet check already because we need to travel, and they said TRULY on the vet check “beautiful”.  How cool’s that. EXCEPT….I’m in London, UK, so I wasn’t even in Colorado for his arrival, which is sad, but he’s well looked after by Linda and her wonderful team.  I can’t wait to get back and see him and see how he’s going, and settling in.

DRAMA ON THE FIRST NIGHT!!! Yes it’s summer but we hit an ICE STORM! I can’t believe how AMAZING our HART TRAILER is! Here we just pulled over, pushed the button for the generator, and had a home cooked meai waiting for news ahead! THANK GOODNESS for Nick…he’s the one who checked every trailer on the market and MADE me by a HART!

17 August, 2012, Denver

About time…the trailer of my dreams. We looked at every trailer on the market and chose the HART trailer. Firstly for the amazing safety standard for my beautiful “Saint”, with padding and lining…the works! But also for MY luxury! Nick cocks a wonderful meal, then we cosy up and watch TV and plan for the next day performing in front of thousands of people! EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!!! My Hart is the trailer of my dreams…finally!

Nick didn't even get finished changing the first tire when the HART trailer guy showed up to help! Now that's service

Nick didn’t even get finished changing the first tire when the HART trailer guy showed up to help! Now that’s service

We’ll we have it…our new truck and trailer.  Oh how I’ve waited for this moment.  With so long being sick and not able to work, I never dreamed of this moment! But…we didn’t make it hardly 20 mins down the road before “bang” …thump thump thump. Yes, ran over a nail and down went not one but TWO tires! Can you believe that at the same time I was on the phone to the dealer just checking again what we had to do with paperwork for the CO state-stuff, and when I told him we’d just done a tire…he said “I’ll be there in a second”. And, before my hubbie Nick had a chance to fix it, the guy was there with a new tire for us! NOW THAT’S SERIVCE! But…what an “exciting” day.  It’s AUGUST it’s SUMMER…we sure diidn’t quite make it ‘home’ to Pagosa Springs that night and spent a few hours in the truck stop at the base of Wolf Creek Pass. There was a terrible ice and snow storm, but the Hart trailer and Dodge Ram 3500 sailed through it like a sports car on a freeway…like a breeze! That pass, even in the middle of winter, snowed like CRAZY on the way over here, so we knew not to be stupid, and we waited the fes hours until daylight at the truck stop on the eastern side before making the drive over. We knew coming down the pass could be dangerous at the best of times, and waiting those few hours…GREAT decision!

31 July, 2012, Melbourne Australia

Mmm…I think I might have just said YES! At my age I’m probably nuts, but “this is it”.  With the loss of so many members of my family, including my mother and only sibling, Shauna Kelly, I realise life is too short.  You HAVE to go and get your goals, and I have to do it RIGHT NOW…before I’m too old.  Every day I hurt a bit more, every day I’m a bit stiffer, so it’s now or never.  So, we’re buying Saint! Goodness knows what’s gotten into me, but it’s going to be an amazing road ahead!

This is a great exercise to help them with loading on trailers, knowing where their feet are (of course we’ll need that for piaffe), general confidence, but also a great stretch for the spine with the feet close together like that. Thanks to my buddies in Ohio for this photo!

30 May, 2012, Ohio

Just arrived back from Australia to Ohio.  Nick has been staying with great friends in Ohio, and I went to meet him just before the Columbus Tour Stop this coming weekend. Mmm…There are SO MANY horses up there that are just wonderful!  I haven’t ever seen a place with so many BROKE horses ready to go, anything from little ponies to these two great big huge horses they have. One is called “Saint”, and he really caught my eye in the stable.  I just loved his back, and his HUGE feet.  He’s a Percheron x Morgan, and jet black (well he would be if I owned him LOL) I can’t really say at this stage if we can afford him, either the money (what with truck, trailer, horse, saddle…bla bla bla) but also the time commitment, not to mention I’m as old as the hills. So, he’s on my wish list….let’s see what the universe brings!

Colleen Kelly "WOWS THE CROWD" at the USA Tour Stops...come and watch when we come to your area!

Great crowds for my demo at the CA tour stop! Even got to meet the Dog Whisper!

5 May, 2012 – California

Brilliant tour stop in CA.  Great crowds, great fun…but there’s something missing…I NEED A HORSE!  And, I have a bit of a whisper that there’s one coming! I know it’s a HUGE commitment to take a horse to every single tour stop…thousands of miles around the USA, but…well…here’s a hint… Keep an eye out for news!

 28 April, 2012 – Minnesota Horse Fair

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6QYZCj2RrE&feature=youtu.be Another fantastic show – this time the Minnesota Horse Fair. Great demos by Linda Parelli, and big crowds. Can’t wait to teach the Mounted Unit this Monday!

Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics system used by Mounted Units around the world

Minnesota Horse Fair – Meeting the Mounted Units I will be teaching on Monday

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