Colleen Kelly London Metropolitan Police Award

Colleen Kelly receives a “thank you” from the London Metropolitan Police (mounted escort to the Queen of England’s Guards).

Imagine what Mounted Police have to endure to stay on in riots and protests and being attacked!  Wouldn’t you like to know those simple techniques for your competition or pleasure horse.

From the beginner trying to stay on, to the professional trying to improve piaffe/passage or higher level jumping…helping with seat, position and balance will certainly give you that “competitive edge”.

And…help with pain!  A lot of riders have knee and ankle pain that is unbearable…WE CAN HELP!   In one single lesson we can show you why that pain is occurring…and help stop it!

You can still get lessons!

Now that I am retired from teaching myself, the entire course is now available to you at home!  And…at less than the cost of a lesson…and you get the ENTIRE ISRB Level 1 and Level 2 courses.   See video courses

Have a lesson with my proteges…

We have top coaches, fully trained, and fully qualified in several fields, including ISRB Official Coaches that can come and give clinics.  If I personally recommend them…they’re GREAT.   I would ONLY recommend the very very best!

Email us for more info

Host a clinic…

Although I am retired from direct teaching, I have fully qualified coaches that can come to you – anywhere in the world.  We have a lot of experience helping you arrange a clinic together – and we can tailor a clinic to suit your level of riders & horses.  

And, tailor it to suit your specific sport(s) as well!


Benefits of hosting

  • All hosts get one free riding place for themselves – or transferable to a rider of your choice (this is normally around the same value as hiring an indoor for a weekend – then the arena has really been paid for!).
  • You nominate your “arena hire” or “grounds” fee.
  • Any teachers or staff of the venue may attend free as spectators
  • If you would like to arrange lunches, or tea/coffee/water – and charge the people – that can be a small profit (especially if you’re a club!).

Colleen Kelly’s 2017
TERMS & CONDITIONS – Please note that some of my proteges have different terms and conditions.

▶ Minimum numbers

Full Weekend Clinic – Australia – 6 riders.   (Max 10)
Full Weekend Clinic – Overseas – 8 riders.   (Max 10)
Lessons – lesson days start at 9am and finish at 5pm and are 1 hour long.  Ask for access to our booking page to see break times & lunch times etc.

▶  Meals & Accommodation

Meals & accommodation need to be provided by the organizer.  It is nice to be able to stay at the venue, or with one of the riders that live close by.

▶  Travel & Transport

There are no additional costs at all.  However, if you are short on numbers for your clinic, or it’s an informal shorter day, a small travel fee may be added, but this is rare, and we will let you know well in advance.

▶ IMPORTANT NOTICE: Travel Insurance

Please see our cancellation policy below.  It is a disaster if you have paid your airfare and have to cancel!  You MUST get travel insurance to cover loss of airfare, accommodation, car hire etc. 

▶ Filling your event

We will help you with artwork and putting out the word on our huge mailing lists at our end, facebook, twitter and social media…however you’re the locals, you have the knowledge of where the riders are likely to come from, so we REALLY need your help to contact local pony clubs, dressage clubs, horsemanship groups and tell us where to advertise in your area.  

Bitless bridles and halters are not permitted

Rope Reins. Our only goal is to protect our horse, make them comfortable, and protect them from known injuries.  Rope reins are illegal in nearly all sports because if a horse steps on the rein, they could break their teeth or jaw.  That’s why eventers and ALL the speed sports have have leather, or breakable, reins. Unbreakable reins can cause massive injuries to horses and are illegal due to the high risk of injury to the horse. They are not permissible in lessons. 

Halters -vs- bits.  If your horse falls – even stumbles – wearing only a halter, there’s nothing for them to “fall” on – except their tiny breakable nose.  Halters are illegal in EVERY sport because of RISK OF INJURY TO THE HORSE.

If a horse stumbles or trips, and lands on a snaffle bit and you are sitting correctly and holding the reins correctly, you can hopefully pick the horse up and save them from tripping, and worse, a full rotational fall.

However if they trip in a halter – or a bitless bridle…that part of the nose is so sensitive that firstly they can “tuck under” and tumble and fall, or simply break the nose. That is why eventers have proper equipment TO SAVE THE HORSE!

Similarly rotational (shank) bits are never worn by eventers.  Why?  If that horse stumbles down hill, and over tucks their nose in, they’ll tumble down the hill like a snowball.  If the horse has his nose “slightly in front of the vertical” (according to the rule book) then you have a chance of saving your horse from rotational fall.  But they have to have a BIT to fall on…otherwise if they fall, that hard rope across that tiny soft bone will snap their nose like a twig. FOLLOW THE RULES!  Follow what eventers wear….why?  They’re the speed demons that only have one interest: PROTECT THE HORSE AT ALL COSTS!

It is concerning that the natural horse people that get pupils to ride in halters – yet knowing many natural horse systems, I NEVER see the trainers riding in garbage halters that can injure horses and riders.  They make BEGINNERS ride in illegal equipment, yet ride in legal equipment themselves!

Everything we do is for the SAFETY OF THE HORSE….not some recent fashion.  There is a very big reason why we ride in bits…not because of the horse bolting, but because of the horse tripping, falling, and rotational falls.  You can’t pick a horse up in a halter….that is why they’re ILLEGAL, and you will not be allowed in a lesson riding in dangerous equipment of any kind.

▶ Helmets

No court in the land will protect a  venue owner, or coach that doesn’t insist on helmets. Not only do we insist on helmets, it is disrespectful to the venue owner to ride on their property without a CURRENT safety helmet with strap correctly fitted at all times while riding, lunging, leading, trailer loading and any other horse activity.

No helmet = no ride. EVER!


You are 8 times more likely to be killed or injured on a horse than in a professional motor cycle race.  The question is – would you go in a professional motor cycle race while pregnant.  We do not teach pregnant riders, nor allow them to handle horses.

We also do not ride pregnant or recently foaled mares, although pregnant mares are more than welcome for training on the ground at any stage during pregnancy or post-natal with the foal there as well to improve ground manners, suppleness, confidence etc., and teach movements like shoulder in, half pass & pirouettes on the ground – without stress – all in walk.  The vet and farriers will love you!

▶ What to bring?

We really welcome your cameras!  Bring a note pad!  Bring a fold up chair if you can (often a spare is welcome as well). Please check with your local organizer re lunch, parking, stabling etc.

Abuse & Horse Health

Heat & Snow:
Please be patient if we need to adjust start and finish times.  Lightening kills more people than hurricanes, and the same amount as tornados! And, no-one messes with hurricanes & tornados! If outdoors, we will be following the policies outlined here: storm safety

Drugs, alcohol & doping:
We follow all rules outlined on the website regarding drugs, alcohol & doping.

Abuse, cruelty & rudeness:
All events will be conducted as closely as possible to the rules outlined at regarding animal welfare, code of conduct and misuse of aids. Officials, judges, coaches, volunteers, other riders, spectators and animals must be treated with respect. Rudeness, abuse or threats of any kind to any person, or to any animal, will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the horse, and dismissal from the property with NO REFUND given. We reserve the right to report any abuse, ill, sick or injured animals, or animals we believe to be at risk of abuse, inhumane or inappropriate treatment to the appropriate governing associations and bodies.

Coggins, vaccinations and worming & outbreaks. 
A current coggins is required in the USA/Canada/Mexico, and will be requested before unloading your horse. Australia is currently undergoing discussion regarding mandatory vaccination, and we will adhere with all changes of the rules regarding vaccinations in all countries.  Please submit your certificates via email prior to the event.

Bringing disease to YOUR property:
We worm and vaccinate all our horses we bring to your property for all known diseases, so we do our utmost not bring sickness to your venue.  We request all riders give us, and the venue owners, the same courtesy and vaccinate & worm horses they are transporting to another person’s property.

IMPORTANT: Cancellations

If the RIDER cancels…

If the clinic organizer cancels a clinic, or rider cancels a lesson here is the cancellation/refund schedule:

  • More than 8 weeks in advance – 100% refund
  • 6-8 weeks in advance 75% refund (or fill the place with a friend)
  • Less than 2-4 weeks in advance 50% refund (or fill the place with a friend)
  • Less than 2 weeks in advance – no matter what the circumstances – just like in a competition when you cancel last minute – there is NO REFUND! (so… fill the place with a friend).  Should you have a last minute veterinary emergency, we do feel sorry for you, and will change your lesson to the full on line course (value $2,000). However there are no refunds as we’re holding that place away from other riders.  So please have a replacement plan on stand-by. And most venues have a waiting list anyway, so work with your local organizer.  But, please note:  just like when you purchase a ticket for the theatre – if you can’t attend you forfeit your movie ticket. You can give your ticket to a friend, but if you can’t show up, the theatre held the place away for you, and it’s only fair.

If Colleen Kelly’s Team Cancel

If for any reason (such as illness, delay etc) I need to cancel the event ALL RIDERS RECEIVE A 100% REFUND – or transfer to the new dates, or to the on-line course.


(Please note that, as I am retired from direct teaching, my proteges may have a different terms and conditions, and a different insurance waiver for you to sign.)

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