Colleen Kelly London Metropolitan Police Award

Colleen Kelly receives a “thank you” from the London Metropolitan Police (mounted escort to the Queen of England’s Guards).

Imagine what Mounted Police have to endure to stay on in riots and protests and being attacked!  Wouldn’t you like to know those simple techniques for your competition or pleasure horse.

From the beginner trying to stay on, to the professional trying to improve piaffe/passage or higher level jumping…helping with seat, position and balance will certainly give you that “competitive edge”.

And…help with pain!  A lot of riders have knee and ankle pain that is unbearable…WE CAN HELP!   In one single lesson we can show you why that pain is occurring…and help stop it!

You can still get lessons!

After 34 years of teaching, I have retired – but don’t worry – we still have wonderful proteges who are fully trained, and fully qualified in several fields, including ISRB Official Coaches that can come and give clinics.  If I personally recommend them…they’re GREAT.   I would ONLY recommend the very very best!

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