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Visiting Adjunct Professor Colleen Kelly (retired) is a world leader in the field of sports biomechanics – specialising in Olympic-level horse riders, but has worked with athletes from nearly every sport in the world.

Colleen first started her career in exercise physiology, nearly 40 years ago, culminating in a career that saw her lecture at Universities such as the University of Kentucky, Averett University, Asbury University, Virginia Tech, Queensland University, to name just a few.

As the only judge ever to get 100% in the Official Judge’s exam, she was asked to give 17 presentations at the World Equestrian Games.  Colleen has trained many Olympic and Paralympic medallists and received a thank you award plaque from the London Metropolitan Police – the mounted escort to the Queen of England’s guards.

But, when Colleen saw the cruelty in the horse industry getting worse and worse, and riders not being punished for drugs, whips, spurs and mouths strapped so tight that one horse had it’s nose broken – Colleen – then the world’s No. 1 in her field – turned against the cruelty in the horse industry to write her explosive tell all novel “The Last Wild Horse.  Thendara Publishing November, 2018

As the previous Spokeswoman for the WorkCover Authority, Colleen also speaks to high schools and industry on her passion: how we sit & move in the workplace and Colleen’s retirement due to Colleen’s breast cancer led her to her charity project: Green Barcode to end Modern Slavery




Colleen Kelly Testimonials





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Awards & Honours

  • Judge – Only judge to get 100% in Official Judge’s Exam
  • Key-Note Presenter – World Equestrian Games Festival, USA
  • Police – Plaque from London Metropolitan Police (mounted escort to Queen of England’s Guards.)
  • Olympians – Olympic team members & paralympic medalists
  • Philanthropist – raised a quarter of a million dollars for disabled programs around the world
  • Work with disabled.  Four awards: Riding for Disabled
  • Universities 5-time speaker at the International Symposium at the University of Kentucky, Asbury University & Midway Universities in addition to Virginia Tech, Penn State, Queensland Uni, Averett Uni etc.

TV & film

Keynote lectures


  • USEF – National Training Conference
  • World Equestrian Games 2010
  • University of Kentucky, Asbury University, Midway University, Virginia Tech, Averett University, Meredith Manor
  • Friesian World Championships
  • Reining World Championships


  • Grand Prix Judge’s Clinic & AGM
  • National PC Meeting, Toronto
  • Clinics & lectures throughout Canada – incl Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Metro Toronto Convention Center


  • Key-note & closing presenter: International Pony Club Championships

Australia & NZ

  • Sydney International CCI***
  • Melbourne International CCI***
  • Equitana, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
  • Auckland ISRB teacher training
  • Wellington ISRB clinic
  • Invitation to Auckland Equitana (before retirement)

South Africa

  • Several teaching tours – including official ZANEF event
  • Key note presenter – SA Lipizzaners – subsidiary of the Spanish Riding School
  • International FEI Veterinary Conference
  • Invitation from the SA Pony Club to tour all regions to teach the ISRB training program (before retirement)


  • Key Note – Royal Dublin Show
  • Clinics & lectures throughout England & Ireland
  • London Metropolitan Police – mounted escort to the Queen of England’s guards
  • ISRB official teacher training
  • Roadshow – Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool

Training Mounted Police

With a specialty in Mounted Police Training helping officers stay on and be safe – I have the following wonderful references from the Police I have taught at:


Work with disabilities

SDT Colleen Kelly (1)

Colleen first donated a lecture to Riding for Disabled at Arundel Park in the early 1990’s to help train their coaches – nearly 30 years ago – and thus started her long career teaching disabled riders, therapy programs, specialist autistic programs, hippotherapy and uniting horses and dogs with people with disabilities.

Colleen has worked with many para-equestrians around the world, including famous Paralympic Medallists, and has received four awards from Riding for Disabled, and many more from therapy programs around the world. Colleen trained three horses in a row to win National Championships Classes in Dressage for Paralympians.

Everyone remembers Colleen’s performances with “Patch the Wonderdog” and “Rex the Wonderhorse” starring together – both at liberty in the massive open fields of places like the Vision 21 Expo at the huge Carrara Facility on the Gold Coast where either her dog or horse could have simply run straight into the crowds – because they were at liberty!

Every clinic Colleen has ever done has included a Friday night lecture, and the night is always run by the local Riding for Disabled or Therapy Program, and Colleen has always donated 100% of the proceeds to their working with dogs and horses programs…however – who would have thought that after nearly 30 years of training animals for people with disabilities – that Colleen would wind up in need of a service dog herself!

Colleen’s breast cancer

It’s been a long haul since Colleen Kelly lost her cousin & sister to breast cancer, and then diagnosed herself.  Read her inspirational personal breast cancer story.

Testimonial from the First Lady of Kentucky:

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