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To my dear friends, ex-pupils, followers and fans around the world:

Yesterday, on my birthday, I sat in hospital, astounded at my social media exploding. I am therefore going to make ONE statement about all of this:

  • Social Media. I am a VERY vocal ‘black lives matter’ supporter. I cannot tolerate white people with their ‘all lives matter’ race-baiting that often has deadly consequences.
  • Coronavirus. Firstly you can read my breast cancer blog to see why I was immunosuppressed in the first place.

    Yes, I attended an event where someone was very sick sneezing & coughing with whom I spent many hours a few weeks ago.
    – Did she want to deliberately infect people? Of course not.
    – Was it stupid & unprofessional for her to be there? Absolutely.
    – Was I mad at her? Yes. But she’s learned her lesson, and taught a valuable lesson to all of you – to stay home when you’re sick – it’s not about you – it’s about us.

    Yes, I then spent a week thinking I was “lazy” with lots of headaches & Netflixing. A week later, I woke up with a VERY sore throat, and by that night I was already coughing badly.
  • My video of me walking to hospital. I called GC Hospital who said call 13HEALTH, who said call my GP, who said call Robina Hospital, who said call 13HEALTH again who told me to come to hospital – but – not by taxi or public transport & not by ambulance – as they were for emergencies only. I can’t drive, due to poor vision, and I would not risk a friend’s life by asking them for a lift. I walk every day on the beach, so I’m used to it, and I took the safest option to protect the public – I walked. But, I didn’t realize I was so breathless, that’s when I made the video of me walking that went viral with hundreds of thousands of views. Soon after, an ambulance took me the final leg.
  • My tests. I arrived at GC Hospital: swabbed, blood, urine, and after a chest xray showed some spots, started on iv antibiotics, ventolin, pain relief, and medicine for my VERY high blood pressure and blood clots.
  • Results. My first tests came back as “weak negative” – so I was at the end of incubation (that explains the Netflixing for a week). I told the doctors four other people had sore throats as well – but as their symptoms had gone, and the incubation period was over that very day, they said hospitals would not have tested them anyway.
  • Treatment I was kept in pressurised isolation room (my “claim to fame” being in the same area as Tom Hanks!). I was eventually moved (still in isolation & coughing badly) to a less secure room, and finally I was testing totally negative, and staff stopped protective clothing. Now, I’ve made it home to self isolation for what might be 3 months to build my strength. (BTW…never met Tom Hanks…awww!).
  • Controversy on social media. Firstly, let me say, if I use my well-earned 40-year hard-won international platform against something – I DAMN WELL MEAN IT. No apologies – none whatsoever. So…here I go – with my “Irish dander” up:

    a) I find people’s hoarding products like masks and gloves from the needy DISGUSTING.

    b) I find people’s attending non-essential events like pony club, football and dinner parties DISGUSTING – that they think their event is more important than taking a silent killer back to the elderly or children in their community.

    d) I find it DISGUSTING people don’t care it’s not “I’ll be fine”, it’s “who will I give it to” – and are unwilling to put other’s lives before their stupid meeting or training that could be done on-line.

    f) I find it DISGUSTING we are lacking leadership: In politics, in business leaders, in sports and even in our family and friends. This is a test to see if you have the morals and courage to put others first. A test of the elements of faith: giving & compassion.

    “Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor”.
    1 Corinthians 10:24

I pray for you all. Especially my friends in America with no health insurance. God help us if it hits them.

So, followers and fans: leave the yelling, gossip & chatter to me – I’m great at it! Now, let me rest and get healthy, and get back to work to find the economic end to modern slavery & human trafficking.

Love, from your big-mouthed, opinionated and very much non-apologetic resistance fighter.

Colleen xxx

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