Hi there everyone,

This is the question I’m asked every day…how’s your book going Colleen?

As you all know, there has been a huge delay in my project “The Last Wild Horse”, partly because some of it had to be re-written for legal reasons, partly because I’m still recovering from breast cancer, and a full time writing schedule is just not possible right now.

And, partly because I keep discovering new ideas, leaning more, addicted to audible.com learning everything from better writing to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – seriously.

I’ve listened to hundreds of books – sounds great?  Sure!!!  But it means that MY book is now a lot lot deeper, a taking a LOT longer.

But, the due date in November 2019 is very much on target, in fact I am surprisingly ahead of target.

Thank you for your understanding.  Everyone who purchased the book in the sale will be happy, as now it’s so much more developed, it will be on the market for twice the price you paid.  It is still on sale until the end of September.

I haven’t forgotten you.  The book is on the way!

I promise!

Thank you for your understanding,




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