The Green Barcode & the IASC

Those of you have known me from lectures or performances or performing on the magnificent “Saint”, will know if I do something, I often get a little carried away.

What started as a project – to be a submission, a suggestion, a request perhaps to the United Nations has turned out to be “bigger than Ben Hur”!

The Green Barcode Project is already on thousands of products around the world, but not settling for that, I went to my two good friends from DreamGuards, the child anti-bullying charity, and asked them to help me start the International Anti-Slavery Commission, which has grown into the largest International body dedicated solely to the economic solution to slavery.

What does a GREEN barcode do?

Instead of the normal BLACK barcode you see on the back of anything you buy at the store…a GREEN barcode shows that the company who made the product you’re thinking of buying was inspected by that country’s authorities to make sure people are not working in slave conditions.

Why would governments be interested?

Power and money.  Simple.  Governments can put a tariff (tax) black barcode products higher.

That, then, hopefully would give governments, especially in developing countries, enough money to chase after slave owners, and enough power to prosecute them.

Aren’t slaves a thing of the past?

There are 40+ million slaves in the world today. 

Just stop and think of ONE person being in slavery.  What about forty MILLION.  And, it increases every year.

Please take a look at the green barcode project

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