We sit at the desk for hours and hours on end, and it doesn’t seem to give us any trouble….but then – for no reason – we’re stiff and sore on a Sunday after 2 days of rest.

Or, one day you just wake up with a sore neck, or headaches for what appears to be “no reason”.

Here’s two quick tips ANYONE can do every single day to really change your posture – and your pain!

  1. Clean your teeth on one foot. Sounds funny, but it’s the No 1 exercise I give my Olympic athletes!  You need to clean your teeth anyway – so why not? Put one leg straight out in front of you (hold the bathroom cabinet if you need to).  I promise this is one of the most amazing exercises you will ever do!
  2. Stand on one foot. Truck drivers have to stop to refuel. Office workers need to get up to go to the bathroom. Everyone makes a cup of tea or coffee, or gets a cool drink from the fridge. Whenever you can – stand on one foot – with the other leg straight out in front of you. Again, sounds silly – but it honestly is the No. 1 way to start to improve your seat, posture, balance – and pain!

Employers: avoid a lawsuit!

If your staff sit for long hours – you are inviting future lawsuits. If you have truck drivers, or taxi drivers, or anyone that sits at a desk for long hours – there are ways you can avoid future lawsuits.

Our very simple, easy to follow program can help your staff regain their former pain-free movement – and even if a lawsuit does come in the future – at least you can show you did everything you possibly could to help prevent your staff from pain and injury.

Contact me personally today for more information:

Human movement and industrial biomechanics specialist.

Colleen Kelly
Official Dressage Judge &
Adjunct Professor of Sports Biomechanics (Retired)



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