I’ve always been with dogs, and I’ve always been fascinated by their ability to learn language, and language -vs- posture (where we point).

However this very simple 60 Minutes Video explains it better than I’ve ever had the words to explain – especially the part about a wolf ripping apart a tupperware container to get the treat inside, whereas a domesticated dog has something different from all other animals…they will ask for help.

Cats will too, however they have to be very well trained to be, for example, stuck in a fence and ask for help.  Mostly, they just panic, like horses.  But dogs, yes they actually have that one gift that separates them – the ability to con you into doing stuff for them, lol!

Us long term animal owners, trainers and handers have always known that…now science proves it.

Take a look at this “NOT TO BE MISSED” video:


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