Horses & Ponys

Teaching your HORSE to come when called is incredibly easy.  Just keep going to the fence as many times a day as you can, use the same call, or whistle or sound that you like, and offer a treat.

If they don’t come…walk away.   Come back again in a half an hour and do it again and again.  Sooner or later, they’ll come!

I NEVER “catch horses”, i.e. go up to a horse with a halter.   No way!  For a start, how are you going to FIND your horse in a 1,000 acre paddock, not to mention catch them if they run off!

Remember….dairy cows line up twice a day without being called?  Why?  Because it is ENJOYABLE!  They are only fed and let go, that’s it.  Treat your horse like a dairy cow, and you’ll have them lining up for dinner.

Dogs: Service dogs, assitance dogs, pets, and problem dogs

Dogs can be a bit tricker to teach, especially some breeds if they are not food orientated.  However, with a little bit of persistence and a lot of practice, you can get the laziest dogs, and the most “I can run away and not listen to you” dogs to be your perfect pet!

Here’s a great little video on training your dog to come when called:

See video

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