UPDATE November 24, 2017

I’m doing a petition to the Minister for Agriculture, and the Shadow Minister for Agriculture.  Please SIGN PETITION HERE!

But who knows who will be in State Government, much less Federal with election and dual citizenship chaos on both sides.

I have had two champions: The #PWDA, of which I am a Member, and after this life-long supporter!  And, #AustralianHumanRightsCommission 

I have had several emails from the Department of Agriculture saying Amber is not a service dog because she’s not registered with the National USA body, not the International body.  But, with my references, and her experience – surely some common-sense can prevail, especially now all her pupils and ex Police Officers I have trained are putting their names down on petition, not to mention my beautiful para & disabled friends.

One of the most famous service dogs in the world, travelled 80,000 miles last year to help train other dogs, handlers, trainers, and disabled athletes. And, all DONATED – we never charge for our disabled athletes or handlers.

So, with that logic, none of our o/seas paralympic horses could have come to Australia for the Sydney Olympics because they’re a member of the USEF not The Australian Federation!

It’s red tape and it’s non-sense.  They said she can come in as a “pet”, but what an insult.  What an insult to all the pain I go through daily, which has made me retire.

What an insult to all the disabled athletes and handlers we have DONATED our time to around the world…including Paralympic Medallists, and working with disabled riders in SEVEN Olympics in a row.

If she comes as a pet, the minimum I have been quoted is $8,000….but as my service dog, even Qantas are DONATING THE FLIGHT!  But, the Department of Agriculture says “no” she’s not a service dog.

Pay $8,000 for a pet, nothing for a service dog.  DISCRIMINATION!

Colleen Kelly's Dog Amber Service DogThose of you who have worked with Amber, seen her do demonstrations all over the USA will know I couldn’t possibly live the same life without her now.

We were obviously training her like all our other performance and competition animals, but then, with my breast cancer I got so deaf from the medicine, I had to retire from teaching as it was dangerous not hearing what the students were saying, and she was trained to be a full service dog in 2015 for the phone, door, alarms, but our favorite…she taught herself “left”, “right” and “final destination” from the GPS!!!  That’s a fascinating thing with absolutely no body language – merely audible language from a machine.  (Personally the biggest thing I miss is her telling me the kettle and microwave is ready!)

Colleen Kelly's Service Dog Amber at the White House

Amber at the White House, Washington DC May, 2016

With my breast cancer history, and so many years on the road teaching people, I was ready to retire back home, but the Aus Government STILL hasn’t answered the application!  She’s passed all her vet paperwork, but they’ve taken so long, she’s missed her flight date.

Why won’t they answer?

Here’s more about Amber

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