previous-exams-solved-questions-and-answers-from-the-isrb-official-examPAST EXAM: The Official Answers to the 2014/2016 ISRB Official Teacher Training Exams – E Book by Colleen Kelly

$ 9.99 USD

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This remarkable E-Book is the official exam – including ALL THE ANSWERS… to the previous (2014/2016) International Society of Rider Biomechanics Official Theory Exam. This is 50% of the mark for your exams! And it’s an INCREDIBLE teaching book for those who want to know EVERYTHING the coaches know about seat, posture & balance and to prepare themselves for future exams. The exams were totally re-written in early 2017 in a totally different format, to prevent future ‘cheating’ – but you can easily see now what will be expected of you! This is a MUST for coaches – and invaluable for even the youngest rider in all horse sports. VERY EASY TO UNDERSTAND!

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