Jumping PositionJumping Position by Colleen Kelly

Release Date: UPDATED VERSION: December, 2015

The speed and excitement of jumping attracts us either to participate, or at least to watch the fun as we get older!  But what looks so easy on tv or from the sidelines, in fact can be very scary for a lot of riders, and even more frustrating for Olympic riders wanting to improve their performance

Advanced Jumpers

Several sections in this DVD are devoted to advanced jumping techniques.  How to prepare the beginner, or improve the professional over the world’s highest, widest, fastest (& often scariest) jumps.

Find out about age old problems like “getting more tuck” in the front end, or one front foot more open than the other and how to fix it, how to help straighten the hind quarter, or discover that athletic “sit-turn-jump” when only the masters in the field can manage to find the most incredibly difficult short options – and jump – successfully – from the most twisted, athletic and masterful angles.


When “masterful angles” and “short options” are only a dream long away, and your job is to stay on and not die…this is not just a DVD for professionals…it is also the work for you.  You just can’t be confident if you’re not safe.  If your balance is even a tiny bit off your brain either stops you from going higher, or stops you doing the jump altogether!  Learn some amazing, easy, fun ways that every single day you can feel more balanced, stronger, more in control and be able to really consider jumping that fence you’d always dreamed of!

Coaches & Parents Who Help

This is the perfect work for you.  Full of great theory information, it’s still in ABSOLUTELY PLAIN ENGLISH that anyone can understand.  Colleen Kelly is an Australian expert on seat, position & balance, and you would think that her decades of judging, speaking at FEI International CCI*** Events and being President of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics that it would be lots of boring big words, but Colleen makes it super fun for all juniors to be able to understand, and great tips for parents to help in bett

Important Notes

This is a theory lecture to form part of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics Recommended Reading List for the Level 1 Teacher Training Program.  As a DVD Download you just click on the button and it downloads to your computer to play!  Then, if you want to share it with your pupils or friends, just burn a copy on your computer and use it for “rainy day” education days or as a fun present for a friend.
100% Money Back Guarantee
 All Colleen Kelly products offer a 100% guarantee so if you have any trouble at all with downloads, or the product doesn’t fulfill your requirements, don’t hesitate, we’ll replace it with something of more value, or immediately refund all monies paid.

$12.99 Buy On Line

Problems:  Email isrbinfo@gmail.com



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