Horse Rider Teacher Training Videos – start training at home today!

For the past three years myself, the ISRB and coaches around the world have been filming the largest library ever gathered together to train you on seat, position & balance of the horse rider.  It includes EVERYTHING you need to know about teaching riders to improve seat & position.

These exercises take YEARS off the average rider’s training – and improve safety instantly!

In addition – the DVD’s include the entire Level 2 course, including step-by-step in easy language:

  • Shoulder In
  • Travers/Renvers
  • Half Pass
  • Pirouettes
  • Flying Changes
  • Jumping Positoin
  • The world’s most advanced exercises to improve balance, performance & safety.

All horse sports & standards

The LARGEST DVD LIBRARY of it’s kind in the world, and includes three International Symposiums and the speakers co-hosted with the University of Kentucky, Asbury University, Midway University and the ISRB.  It is for all horse sports: dressage, jumping, natural, reining

Does it hurt? Pain while riding?

Ideal for riders or coaches who ride long hours and get sore knees, hips, headaches or numb feet.  Perfect for Police, trail riders & endurance riders.  Learn to do it correctly from the start – so you stay on – and it doesn’t hurt!

Want to be a coach?

This is ALL YOU WILL NEED if you ever decide to become an Official Coach. Chose later if you’d like to  upgrade to the full course (and you have already studied ALL their material to pass the exams at home!).

Buy on line…


Currently on SALE! $99.99          Buy Now

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