Police Training – K9 & Mounted Unit Training

I’m sorry I’m retired now due to my breast cancer, but look back, happily, on such a wonderful career…

K9 and Mounted Unit Training

I have been donating training to K9 and Mounted Units around the world for 34 years.  I have had the honor of teaching, and judging, at National Police Championships and lectured, taught, and presented awards at the National Police Colloquium, Lexington Kentucky.

I was thrilled to teach at the Lord Strathcona Mounted Garrison in Canada, and truly honored to be able to teach the most amazing group of Mounted Police in the World: the Mounted Unit who support the Queen of England’s Guards at the Imbercourt Training Facility in London.

The only official “sister” school to the Spanish School of Riding, the greatest military training college in the world is the SA Lippizzaners, and what an honor it was to teach there too!

Although I will be retiring in 2017 due to my health, you can still contact me for K9 Lessons only in 2017.  I am not teaching horses any more due to my inability to hear the riders, and a call for help could be a disaster!

Donations & Free Training

Every year I donate hundreds of hours to any disabled, therapeutic, hippotherapy or related program, together with Police K9 and Mounted Units.  I have received four awards with my work with disabled people, and have experience with nearly every kind of disability – as it relates to training service dogs and horses.  If I can’t visit personally, I’m happy to donate DVD’s for you to raffle, or free lessons at my farm you could auction.

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