UPDATE:  Tuesday March 14, 2017

The GORGEOUS Black Pearl Farm has been sold…announcement very soon to come this week, after settlement. But we have GREAT news.  New owners will be up and running and giving lessons & boarding soon.  Contact me privately for more details isrbinfo@gmail.com if you are wanting to visit, board, or have lessons.

UPDATE:  December 23, 2016

Happy Christmas!

Black Pearl Farm was contracted for sale, but sadly, the sale did not go through, as the new owner’s place still has not settled – so update as of Christmas…we are definitely for sale.

We are looking for $499,000, but it might be possible for rent, or even vendor finance.

Speak to us soon – taking enquiries now!


Please contact the agent above!

Black Pearl Ride to Music Education Night. ALL WELCOME! Have a look at our calendar for the next one coming up and come and enjoy a “jeans & boots” relaxed supper evening. Meet a lot of the University Program riders, researchers, coaches, guests and friends of the Lexington/Paris areas. Spread the word!

Black Pearl Farm Indoor Arena 460 Tarr Road Paris KY

The enclosed nature of the arena is terrific for privacy, but also GREAT for horses to concentrate. We can open all 3 major doors for breezeway, but as Kentucky has more cool months than hot, it’s wonderful to have the building warm and cosy away from those mad Kentucky icy winds!

Black Pearl Farm Indoor Arena and 14 Stables

This is our first paddock to be fenced in 2015 with easy access, and dotted shade trees.


View on Google Maps

View Larger Map


You are more than welcome to camp here with us at Black Pearl Farm if we have room (appointment only).  Very easy big rig turn around.  15amp only.  Can fill up your tanks with water. No sewage. Closest RV dumping info Kentucky Horse Park campground (free). There is a toilet in the stables, but no shower.


With a simple phone call you can have a huge selection of campers delivered, installed, ready for your arrival from around $700 per weekend.  If there are 8 of you staying, that’s not bad considering they have a kitchen and bathroom and you’re on-site with your horses. Simply book with  Rent a Camper: Northside RVs  BUT PLEASE LET US KNOW YOU’RE CAMPING!  We may be able to find other pupils to bunk with you to save costs.


We normally can have you stay here on site (it’s a pretty big farm), however if on the odd occasion we do book out, the closest camping is: Kentucky Horse Park  If need be, it’s lovely to be in at Kentucky Horse Park, and bring your swimmers if it’s summer (it’s closed in winter) they have a great pool!


Closest Town is Paris, Kentucky, USA.  Second Choices are Georgetown and Lexington.

Best Western (14 mins from Black Pearl)
Colonial Motel (13 mins from Black Pearl)
B&B:  The Guesthouse at Rosecrest Farm  (21 mins from Black Pearl)
B&B:  Country Charm Historic Farmhouse (24 mins from Black Pearl)

More here on www.booking.com


The closest town is Paris and there’s everything you need from Wal-Mart, McDonalds, laundries, to cafes, restaurants and lovely antique shopping in Paris.  Just check with us as sometimes we like to have meals with our guests if possible.


The closest is Lexington Blue Grass airport.  Other airport options are: Louisville, KY and Cincinnati OH, but they’re much further, and you would have to hire a car from there.


The closest Amtrak is Maysville, KY (Code = MAY).


The closest Greyhound bus terminal is in Lexington KY


We have limited safe stabling available at a cost per night or a cost per week basis. Some turnout available.


We can normally sell you hay in an emergency, however stock up on the way here at Tractor Supply Company in Paris, 16 mins away.


Please bring your own equipment.


We attend Catholic Church when possible, you are welcome to join us.  Here is a list of other  local churches


You are welcome to use our internet for free, and cell phone reception is good.


WE ARE OPEN ALL YEAR because of our beautifully warm arena and stables.  Find out: current weather


Ultimately we will be like the larger Lexington facilities, with everything at your fingertips, however we are just starting out, so that is GREAT for you to get a bargain. Full care is only $450 per month, with a 3 month minimum, and that is unheard of in this area.

Your full service includes:

  • Feeding whatever feed you provide, whenever you wish it fed
  • Nanny Care: First morning check no later than 7am.  Last evening check no earlier than 10pm.  Immediate calling of owner/vet as required.
  • Turnout: Horses turned out as is sensible considering the weather (this time of year often being brought in early due to severe thunderstorms and ground strikes in Kentucky where indoors is safer). Sometimes turning out at night, and bringing in during the heat of the day if that is suggested by the client, or by the weather
  • Rugs/Fly Masks.  Any rugs or fly masks you require put on and off whenever you require, or when the weather changes. We have nasty, very fast weather changes in Kentucky, and sometimes rugs on/off has to be done quickly, another great advantage that we live right here on the property, and with wonderful staff on board, your horse gets the best attention,
  • Snow help. The roads in Kentucky sometimes just don’t get cleared for 1-2 days.  Don’t worry, we have everything here, and are well-prepared. We have electrical generators, and all the help we need, your horse will not just be safe, they can be ‘turned out’ in the indoor, and all horses rotated so they’re not just standing getting stiff and sore in a freezing stables, they’re as warm as toast, the radio playing softly in the background with a minimum “turnout” twice a day into the indoor during really terrible weather in snow or arctic ice emergencies. So, you can stay home, stay safe, and stay off the infamous Kentucky roads that really are deadly from January even through to April sometimes.
  • Additional help. There’s always appointments like farriers or trimmers or vets that need to come when you’re working or studying, and we’re happy to meet your professionals for you and hold your horse for you, for free.
  • Emergency Accommodation.  “Three Angel’s Cottage”.  The cottage on Black Pearl Farm has one spare bedroom, and a spare front room. On occasion, we are happy, e.g. on snow days etc. if you are stuck in any way, you’re more than welcome to stay with us, rather than make an unsafe journey home. If this is just the “occasional emergency” there is no charge. There would be a small nightly fee for staying overnight for clinics or symposiums.
  • Friends. Bring as many friends to the farm as you want, bring out a BBQ and enjoy the property…it’s yours! However they do need to sign an insurance waiver when they come, so just make sure you let us know.
  • Competing. Some people want to compete, and some do not. We welcome everyone, at every standard. We are not an “over the top Soccer-Mom Competition Barn”, but when we do go out we have a LOAD of fun, we go out very relaxed, and yet, the success, year after year, speaks for itself, from the little local show, to some of our clients at Olympic,  Paralympic & WEG level.  This might just the the inspiration you need to GIVE IT A GO as us Aussies say.  If you’re a higher competitor and want to “come along” with us as a group you are more than welcome.  I do not charge for ANY of these services, they are totally free.


You do not have to be having lessons with Colleen to Board your horse at Black Pearl and enjoy all the facilities.

However if you keep your horse here you are “part of the family”. Part of the University groups here in Kentucky all working and researching on the best answers, the best solutions, going to the best conferences around the world, and bringing home the best results.

We would still have to have to have very similar Philosophies in training, based in KINDNESS and LIGHTNESS, and truly “rule book”, that is to follow the very best safety practices, quarantine protocols and set the highest environmental standards, following all the rules & guidelines in books such as the FEI Rule Book(s) at http://www.fei.org.  We want a harmonious & happy home for our horses, our service dog Amber and our fellow friends, clients, horses and guests who visit Black Pearl every year, and we do hope you join in the fun of the Black Pearl family.

See Sale Price & Agent’s Info Here

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