This really is incredible footage.  And, so valuable to study the rider’s seat and position.  I REALLY noticed the difference in how they go downhill, and how we go downhill now.  Their position is exactly opposite what they do today.  Even at the Kentucky Horse Park at the famous Rolex stands there is the statue there of the rider leaning WAY BACK with one hand in the air jumping downhill.  Have a look at these riders – totally different.

I think we will play this footage at the International Society of Rider Biomechanics Level 1 teacher training & International Symposium in Lexington, Kentucky in September (see here).

In the meantime….enjoy!  And I hope I see you at the upcoming clinics in your area.  Clinic info


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  1. Okay, I watched the must see video and all I could see is riders heavy on the forehand and ignoring the hindquarters…this is bad right? I had no problem with the obstacles though it’s difficult for this recreational rider to believe they did all that in just one day…and no horses were limping at the end. I wondered too if the horses were barefoot…since shoes were sort of mandatory for the military, I’m thinking they weren’t barefoot. Having said all that, the horses looked pretty good at the end, ears up and still moving very well…they must have been built up gradually for that kind of grueling cross country. Am I right in thinking that we do it better now, with emphasis on the hind? I’m thinking I’m not changing that for my own riding! Thanks for any comments…Karen


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