Go to facebook page to sign up.

Go to facebook page to sign up.

Ride to Music Information & Demo Night

What is too fast and what is too slow. Is dressage and jumping tempo the same? Can you canter to waltz music? What are the footfalls/rhythms and beats you need. What is the difference between regularity, rhythm, tempo & cadence.

Arrive and have drinks and nibbles while you receive handouts you can take home with all the numbers and information, and hear Colleen Kelly (retired Official Judge – 100% in the Judge’s Exam) explain how simple it can all be.

Then see a ridden demonstration of a young horse being taught the first time how to ride in time to music, see how it’s done for yourself. And, as it’s from biomechanist, Colleen Kelly: what in your own seat and posture can you do to get perfectly in time in walk, trot and canter, and not slowing down in laterals & collection and speeding up in extension.

Great fun night for all.  All welcome.  Great fun for juniors, highly technical for judges & coaches, and just a great night out for anyone!

ADDRESS:               460 Tarr Road, Paris KY 40361
TIME:                       6:30pm – 9:00pm with coffee and cheese afterwards.
COST:                      $25 incl supper. Pay on the night.
MORE INFO – QUESTIONS – REGISTRATION.  Simply put your name down on the facebook events page that you will be attending, and we’ll contact you.  Put any questions you might have up there too!  Y:  Simply put your name down on the facebook events page


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  1. Would you do this on our Friday night?

    Sent from my iPad. jAN Brooks 2 Star Parelli Professional

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  3. Would like to attend with granddaughter


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