Applications close May 1, 2014

Nominate your rider for the:

2014 Young Rider Scholarship for Canada

This is a very rare one-off opportunity to nominate one of your young riding friends for a Scholarship to train with President of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics, Colleen Kelly FOR FREE!

The scholarship must be taken up at the ONTARIO CLINIC in May 2014. (details here)

Junior riders will learn a more confident, stable position for dressage, jumping & games. Still legs and hands, improved balance and co-ordination. Ideal for nervous riders – beginners more than welcome to apply, but advanced young riders are also highly encouraged to come along and work on the higher level movements from the only judge ever to get 100% in the judge’s exam – and the world leader in seat, position & balance.

A coach and parent is welcome to accompany their young rider for free.

Email Nicole on  and BRIEFLY in a couple of paragraphs only tell us:

  • Young rider’s name, address, contact details
  • what kind of riding they currently do
  • how will you use this scholarship to spread the word about seat and posture
  • are you a junior rider that already gives back to your riding community?
  • what issues or problems do you currently have that we can help with?

Applications will be chosen on the basis of the benefit to the young riding community by that person being awarded the scholarship.

The scholarship covers:

  • ALL training fees, attendance at the evening lecture and 2 days of ridden clinic.
  • ALL lessons costs
  • to be taken only at the 2014 London, ONTARIO Clinic 
  • stabling, shavings and camping (if required) at your own cost.

s o r r ySECOND CHANCE….
“two for one”

Of course there can only be one winner, and we hope you’re not disappointed if it’s not you!

However, any junior rider that brings a friend with them can come to this London clinic for free. That means it’s either half price, or one of you comes for free!

More details:  Email us


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