Colleen Kelly interviewed for "Horse Talk TV" after her presentations at the Sydney CCI*** at the Sydney Olympics Grounds

Colleen Kelly interviewed for “Horse Talk TV” after her presentations at the Sydney CCI*** at the Sydney Olympics Grounds

This DVD has always been a favorite, however the sound quality shows it’s age, and so we’d like you to see the information without worrying about the 1 or 2 words you might miss with the Sydney International CCI*** Eventing Championships going on in the background (it is live after all!).


The more people get to see this work the better!  SO…PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK: 

Click here for the free DVD download - this will take you to Payloadz...but you'll see the price is ZERO!

Click here for the free DVD download – this will take you to Payloadz…but you’ll see the price is ZERO

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  1. I’ve been into horses sinceI I was 5. Use to ride my white spring “wonder horse” with red tack down the hill in our back yard. It use to scare the “hebee jebees” out of my grandma but my grandpa would get a kick oout of it, & just laught at me. I bougth my first horse at 19 “Irish Coffe” sugar for short, Had my horse before I had a car. I had a bycycle (I rode my bycycle back and forth to work – it kept me in shape and on time:)) I followed the teachings of John Lyons, Linda tellington Jones, Clinton Anderson, and finally found my way to Pat & Linda Parellie (extremly awsome) Their were others never forgot my first “All crechers great and small” I’m not a great, or even good reader, but when it came to animals, & horses it was a whole different feeling. Pat & Linda taught what I felt all those years. I had a had a straight Egiption arabian for 22 years, he was 32 when he passed on to horse heaven. The man who owned him before me, used him as a show horse in hand & a stud and I don’t know why cause he was a very gentle horse, but when he wanted to worm him or whatever he’d get a couple of his buddies and slam him up against the stall wall to do what they wanted to do. Yeah a real man! …duh
    The first time I brought him in just to talk to him, & brush him, he trembled and shook all overin the stall…my heart dropped. It took me 9 months to gentle him to ride (He wasn’t ridden at the age of 10. The “Man” showed him in hand, and bred him I didn’t understand why he was so mean to him. He was so gentle and kind. The X-Wife told me he was even a nice stud too. So why the violence…all I could figure was “the man was afraid of him. I guess it made them feel like men!Anyway I’m taking alot of your time up, but when i get talking horses, can’t seem to stop. Anyway”Got a beautiful quarter horse , she’s just turned 33 years young this spring… you would not know it to look at her, except shemoves a little slow unless I whistle for them then she comes a running like she was only 10 or younger (whistle means a treat, or a grooming session) Her rain rot has totally cleared up. and her lil’ buddy is a sweethear donkey who thinks he ‘s a big horse like her. I have a round pen and 3 padddocks so he is dieting currentley. Dont want him to be diabetic. It’s so remarkable my shephard\collie mix (I raised mom and dad, and delivered her and her 4 sibblings (wanted to keep them all, but that didn’t work out their was 1 other female the rest males. All their adoptive parents love them dearly, my girl looks like a shephard in colors,, but her personality is her daddies… a collie. I raised both patrents. I went to the grocery store one day and told my husband of 35 years (now) to keep a close eye on em’…I should have known (some peoples kids!!!! As soon as I got in the door she led me to the wash room and started poppem them out. She was suppose to be my husbands dog, but as soon as My oldest daughter (Got three girls & 5 grandbabies now) My Oldest gave him heidie & the first thing she did ws jump down and came to me and stayed there . She was extremly protective over me, unless I called her off she’d go after anyone who tried to get be between her and I Learned alot from Cesar Millan). She passed to doggie heaven at the age of 6 she had lung cancer (My youngest daughter is a vet tech & works in the OR, and she’s also an RN. The horse was given to me lil ding dong donkey was part of the deal (I was looking for an older horse for my oldest grandaughter- she absolutly loves her) I fell in love with both of them. and I found a great friend {therir previous owner} she rented land to keep them then the land flooded terribly. They were boarded outside in a lean to. now they have a “Condo!” 🙂
    It’s hallious now even when it rains they stand togethger in one stall (I close the other stall so their warmer & she has two great blankets). Thank the Lord winter is over.I call it their condo cause they have aces to both stalls from the inside, and complete aceses to the ilsway. that way they can move around, and play. they use to obtain access to it only durind the snow, now they got smart. they also obtain access to it when we have alot of rain. The donkey calls me at feeding time. 7:00a,m and 7:00 pm Iike clock work!. They get fed year round, well big girl does. lil one not so much. But he’s just as happy being groomed while big girl eats.
    Thanks for listning to my long winded horse stories.
    theresa 🙂

    PS – please tell me about your program. If Pat & Linda like it it must be awsome
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy Trails


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