One “quick tip” to build horse rider confidence

Well for a start, most of you know me by now as the “safety junkie”, and yes I drive my friends nuts about helmets, being careful with ropes, trailers, toes anything that can get bitten or stomped on. So, obviously if you’re getting nervous on one horse, but you could still ride fluffy the pony with confidence and ease, then it’s the HORSE that needs fixing – not you. So, get a professional to help in your area re-school your horse into something you WANT  to ride! And, right there your confidence will treble.

But, here’s

What I do when I get nervous on my horse:

AN EXPERIMENT: At Horse World Expo this weekend, in the big main coliseum, I had the entire crowd “slam their heels down in the floor”. I asked them to watch across the huge arena at the crowd opposite and watch as they grew “taller”.

Then, after relaxing I had them “get their toes up” slamming them up towards their knees.  (when I experiment, I like to overdo it to find the answer out quickly & simply instead of fiddling around forever trying to figure something out).

You need both heels down AND toes up.  I do toes up when I’m scared. I do toes up when I’m doing a downward transition and want my horse to “sit”. I do toes up and somehow it reminds me to do good things upstairs.

I do heels down when I’m going down hill. I do it in canter a lot, and over obstacles.

And I ALWAYS yell “heels down” to some kid who is about to panic, rather than toes up. Only because I think that the human ear and brain is just so used to hearing heels down that in the middle of some scary moment they don’t need some phylosophical nonsense that will get them killed. Just keep it simple sweetheart Mum used to say.

Hope you enjoy this little tip and there’s MORE HERE >

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