Flag_of_South_AfricaI’m sorry I’m retired now due to my breast cancer, but look back, happily, on such a wonderful career…

Hi there,

Seriously, it’s not too late to join in the amazing clinics we have in South Africa in just TWO WEEK’S time. Riding places are available, and if you were touring with us I’m sure we could get you a borrowed horse. more >

If you live in SA….even better! Riding places still available, or just come and watch this time!

I do hope you join me, as a local rider, or travel from overseas with us, come see the elephants with Nick and I! (and ride in or watch some great lessons too!).

 Dunblane Equestrian Estate – 7-9 March 2014
Cnr 9th & Shamrock rd, Bredell, Johannesburg East
Contact: Hannacke Smith 
hannacke@dynamicequilibrium.co.za Cell: 076 421 1845 


 Southern Riding Centre – 14-20 March 2014
Plot 81, Eisenhower street, Tedderfield, Johannesburg South
Contact: Hannacke Smith
hannacke@dynamicequilibrium.co.za Cell: 076 421 1845

 El-Shadai Equestrian Centre – 21-23 March 2014
Contact: Kristen FitzPatrick kristenfitzp@gmail.com

Best wishes,


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