productRider Biomechanics Makeovers


Each and every one of us is dedicated to becoming the best rider we can be. We know that becoming a safe, coordinated, balanced rider not only keeps us comfortable in the saddle, it also makes riding much more enjoyable for our horses. We do all we can on our own, but to take it to the next level, sometimes we need a lesson from a master. Like Rider Biomechanics pioneer Colleen Kelly, for example.

On this 3-DVD set, Colleen Kelly guides students of varying skill and experience levels through full rider makeovers! Colleen has a rare ability to provide seemingly simple tips that in fact make all the difference in the world, and her inimitable teaching style guarantees that you’ll be laughing as you learn. From seat and posture to balance and coordination, these rider makeovers will set you up for years of healthy, comfortable riding.
3 Discs, Runtime: 3 hours 2 minutes


Segments Include:

Leg Problems: Keeping your legs in the proper position is essential to balanced riding

Sitting Up Straight: When your posture is correct, everything else will fall into place

Improving Your Balance: When you’re wobbling around in the saddle, it’s tough to communicate with your horse

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