It was free…but now we’ve progressed along so far, we’re starting to charge a SMALL fee.

The E-Book has gone so fast, we’re up to Chapter 4, and now ready for sale! What I’m doing is offering the book on pre-sale. That means that you only pay $15 instead of the full version in a few months of $59.95.

But, you GET THE FIRST FOUR CHAPTERS TODAY!  You don’t have to wait until the book is finished.  And…YOU GET EACH AND EVERY UPDATE FOR FREE!

So, you will never do better than to buy it RIGHT NOW for only $15!

And…if you would help me spread the word…this is the text you could copy to your Facebook page:

COLLEEN KELLY SEAT AND POSTURE EBOOK READY! The first 4 brilliant chapters, the “beta version” are AVAILABLE NOW! The book will be published for $59.95, but I got it today for just $15 ONLY!!! ALL UPGRADES FREE! That means, this pre-order beta version comes with updates every couple of weeks, and you get them TOTALLY FREE until the book is completely finished. You’ll never pay another cent for the remainder of the book. Get it now while it’s cheap!
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  1. hi colleen hope you are feeling “just peachy” and thank you for this download this script must have been bubbling inside of you for quite a while and we are so lucky that you put it on paper!! thank you maria


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