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Who is “behind the scenes” at CK Rider?

Ever wondered who is “behind the scenes” in the Colleen Kelly world? Does Colleen personally answer the 65,000 emails received last year. Does she phone every single organizer in 6 or  7 countries in the world to make sure lunch is booked?

Behind the scenes is the remarkable Nicole Schneider, and those who have had the pleasure of dealing with her know what an amazing “take over” person she is.

“I barely lift a finger these days to do my own admin” said Colleen. And, as everyone knows Colleen’s business is currently flourishing, even though she hasn’t worked in months with her breast cancer.

Nicole had been the PA to the top ranked ISRB and Parelli Coach in the UK: Lyla Cansfield, and had managed her tour for her – fully – for years.

“It COSTS too much – so I thought!”

“When I met the wonderful Nicole a few years ago now, she was working for Lyla Cansfield, and she’d almost worked herself out of a job. She had become so efficient she was finding herself with extra hours, although Lyla’s’ business was up to 100% capacity. So, she bravely took me on!

BECAUSE SHE ONLY CHARGED A PERCENTAGE OF NEW BUSINESS – how could I lose. I think the deal was I paid her, once per month, a percentage of new business for about 2-3 months then if we were happy we’d “see how we went”. I can’t remember what happened, but all of a sudden we could afford her – full time!

Nicole does EVERYTHING for me. My major stressor was my emails. Even best friends couldn’t get through to me. I felt so bad, and so stressed that when I got sick I had to “give in”, that’s when Nicole finally got what she wanted: to REALLY get me organized! And now, I see like 3-4 emails a day.

We chat twice per week on Skype and my accounts are done, my tax goes to the appropriate tax people, and lodged on time, I don’t owe anyone anything, I am not working yet still making enough money not to panic!


So, now the same thing has happened…

She’s done herself out of a job!

I’m so organized, all I do is show up for the clinic or show, and I have a beautiful print out of where what and how to do that particular show without lifting a finger to go through emails, try to remember these people…it’s all done. So much so she’s taking on MORE professionals like me who need a Personal Assistant but always thought they couldn’t afford it.

Believe me – you can’t afford NOT to do it.  Success does not come and get you out of bed.

What do you have to lose by emailing Nicole personally and asking for a quote to start working for you too!

Best wishes from Colleen Kelly dictating this to her darling husband Nick while she’s on sick leave Info on her breast cancer here:

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Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. Can you send contact info for Nicole please ? Thanks very much ! Tik Maynard Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

  2. Thinking about you Colleen, hope your health gets better. You’ve got the olympics don’t forget! Still benefiting from summer’s clinic in South Wales
    Rebecca x


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