Currently looking for volunteers for ROLEX and REINING CUP, Kentucky Horse Park – in 2 week’s time More details

Hi and welcome!

It's not just FUN - you will learn so much FOR FREE!

It’s not just FUN – you will learn so much FOR FREE!

Are you considering volunteering at one of our upcoming events?  We are always looking for helpers, either
a) on the tradestand with seat & posture assessments (not sales), or
b) in the stable as a groom with the horses…
We have a BALL at these shows! Come along and enjoy the fun…
–  Colleen Kelly

Tradestand: what we give you….

1.  VOLUNTEERS ON THE TRADESTAND – This is not a “sales position” at all.  What we do on the tradestand is seat, posture and balance tests, advice and information.  It’s not just fun it’s a great education! It is absolutely amazing to see my team working fixing people’s posture, assessing injuries and how to help, and being able to send people away from the tradestand with a package of new information to get them started to better seat and posture. For the people on the stand…it’s AMAZING free training, and you will learn a lot not just from myself, but also from my husband (our tour manager) Nick Tsopanis who is incredible at seat & posture assessments & advice.

2.  FREE ENTRY.  We will get you tickets into any event. Parking may or may not be possible, please check prior to event.

3.  SUPPER and PRIVATE QUESTION & ANSWER TIME. After the end of a long day on the stand, we always do our best to go to supper (it’s my treat!). This is where we get to sit down, discuss what we’ve seen during the day, and what we’ve learned, and how all this amazing information can improve our own riding or coaching.

4.  FREE DVDs.  We want you to be well prepared, so as soon as you’ve let us know what hours you can be on the tradestand, then I’ll send you some free DVDs and audio CD’s to get you started so you’ll get more out of the event…more “bang for your buck” if you already are understanding the work.

5.   UPGRADING YOUR COACHING.  We want the best coaches – and this is how to get free training!  The tradestand is where you learn about posture assessment. People who want to assist on the trade stand must be studying the ISRB course, or have completed their ISRB course or considering studying in the future. Volunteering at any event counts towards your hours if you are already an ISRB Level 1 coach wanting to upgrade to Level 2.

6.  WE WILL PROMOTE YOU!  If you are already a professional ISRB coach, I am happy to have your  brochures/business cards on the stand.

Colleen Kelly at the University of Kentucky - if you're helping at a lecture you get to learn so much - FOR FREE!

Colleen Kelly at the University of Kentucky – if you’re helping at a lecture you get to learn so much – FOR FREE!

You can't get more "behind the scenes" than this!  The tour stop staff hiding out in a storm shelter - still having lots of laughs and fun together!

You can’t get more “behind the scenes” than this! The tour stop staff hiding out in a storm shelter – still having lots of laughs and fun together!

Tradestand: what you need to give us….

1.   TIME COMMITMENT.  Volunteers must be able to give at least a half a day each day to count towards “sign off hours” and to really benefit from the free training we give you.

2.  DRESS;  Volunteers must dress very professionally.  As there might be a possibility, in an emergency of getting near horses, we need you in riding boots.  Some of the endurance rider’s “running shoes” with laces are not riding shoes.

We always promote our farm in Lexington KY - and you're welcome to promote your lessons or your farm - so bring any of your brochures!

This is our farm in Lexington KY.  We always have printed brochures on the tradestand to promote our clinics there.  If you teach, or have a farm yourself…then bring along your own brochures to help build your business!

3.  WHICH STAND?  Just be award that sometimes we have the ISRB backdrop, sometimes we have CKRider backdrop on our stand. Either way it’s the same in terms of fun, learning and sign off hours.

4.  CONTACT;  Volunteers need to have cell phones on the day and be very accessible, especially when the performances are on – on occasion to perhaps leave the stand to help beside the arena.

A groom for our performance horse(s)

Imagine being the "in crowd" behind the scenes helping looking after this wonderful horse "Saint". The weekend of a lifetime!

Imagine being the “in crowd” behind the scenes helping looking after this wonderful horse “Saint”. The weekend of a lifetime!

1.  Nick is also my stablehand manager and Nick grooms and prepares my horse for me daily, and cools the horse down after work, so he knows everything about preparing Saint, so there’s plenty of help and information, grooms are not just “left on their own” – we help a lot.

2.  Grooms must be willing to “do the dirty jobs”….the number one thing is keeping the stable very clean, throughout the day, sweeping and keeping hay and water up to Saint all the time.

3.  Must have grooming and horse handling experience, and be able to do plaiting/braiding and bandaging

4.  Must have the ability to take the horse the minute I dismount and take him back, untack him, put the tack away neatly and walk and cool him off if necessary, or brush and rug him as I have to go to the tradestand immediately after every performance.

5.  Grooms need to be well presented at all times, and especially have proper riding boots. Endurance-style ‘running shoes’ with laces are not riding shoes.

6.   Grooms need to have cell phones on the day and be very accessible, especially when the performances are on – and to perhaps on occasion come and help beside the arena.

7.  Grooms need to sign, or have a parent or guardian sign, an insurance waiver/release.

I really welcome you, know that you will have a lot of fun.  It’s very relaxed, highly educational, and of course it doesn’t cost you anything at all to learn from us for hours!  By the end of the weekend, simple posture & balance assessments will be second nature!

Virginia Stirnweis

Hope to see you there!

Colleen Kelly

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Join the conversation! 17 Comments

  1. Hi,

    I am very interested in volunteering at one of your events! I live in california, will there be any events out this way? I am currently studying the isrb course and would love to do posture assessments. I also have experience as a groom and would be willing to do that as well. I am also a long time parelli student and have a lot of experience handling horses. Excited for any additional information! Thanks so much, Erica Williams 805.350.2092 Po box 101 Solvang, CA 93460

    • Hi Erica,

      I really was pleased to hear from you, especially as you’re doing the course. As a student you are MORE than welcome to come to my home in Kentucky (on the rare occasions we’re actually home LOL) and ‘hang out’ and ride and watch FREE of charge to help get you qualified. I will nearly always have a horse for people to ride, so you don’t have to cart one across country. And, of of course really hope you can come to one of the clinics, or of course organise one yourself and that way you ride or audit free as well. As I”m on sick leave about to have the double mastectomy could you please contact Nicole on – very keen to help you through your course. WE NEED YOU! Big hugs, Colleen xx

  2. Dear Colleen and Nick,

    Sign me up in whatever capacity. Just let me know what you need!

    Love to you both,

    Mary Kay Burkart MKBurkart@aol,com 540-955-1004/703-431-0691 (cell) 472 Old Charles Town Road Berryville, VA. 22611

    Sent from my iPad


    • Awww….Mary Kay, that would be LOVELY. I love working with you. I really was sorry I missed saying goodbye the other day, and as you could see I really wasn’t on my game knowing the cancer is back, and feeling quite terrible. Missing your segment really made me sad, as I REALLY wanted to see it, especially interested to talk to you about articles etc in the future. As I”m on sick leave about to have the mastectomy could you please contact Nicole on and we’d LOVE to have you!!!!

  3. I’m willing to do anything and everything possible to help!!!

  4. Colleen, Would love to volunteer for you. I live in California, so if you are coming my way, I would be honored to volunteer. Saw you at Rancho Murieta & audited 9/15/13 also in California. God bless & keep you, Thank you for all you do, Kathie Stear

  5. Willing to help always when you back in Queensland
    Kim Prince

    • Kim, would LOVE you to help out! Great to hear from you. The closest we’ve got this coming year planned is in Sydney for the teacher training. If you wanted to be my assistant, I’d be more than happy to have you there for free (including doing the actual course – it’s teaching no riding involved). I’m on sick leave at the moment, but if you could email Nicole on – again GREAT to hear from you again, and do hope you’re well. xxxx

  6. I would be very excited to volunteer. I live near Minneapolis and St. Paul. I saw you work your magic in Tn and can’t get enough of it.

    • Hi Catherine (if this is a repeat of the answer, sorry, my computer died as I was typing)…..I’d be delighted for you to help us out, and we come through your neck of the woods quite regularly. Have you thought perhaps of even arranging a clinic in your area? We can help with publicity and bookings, just need to find a covered or indoor we can hire….if you can help me, then of course your own training is totally free. I’m in Australia right now waiting on my breast cancer surgery, but I’ll be back at it again soon and love to do a clinic your way. Could you email me on and I can send you more information if you’re interested in helping!

  7. Colleen – You are my inspiration to provide perspiration. Any time, anywhere.

    • Teri,

      That’s SO KIND! Thank you so much! I’m on sick leave in Australia right now waiting on my mastectomy, but would love it if you could contact my assistant Nicole on and let her know that you’re available, and when.

      Thank you again, your cute comment made my day.

      Colleen xxx

      • I have been following your posts about your illness. As one who has walked the cancer road, I can only send you my thoughts and prayers. Please take good care of your self and I will hopefully get a chance to see you again soon. I will send an email to Nicole.

  8. […] You also get lots of other incentives…..more > […]

  9. Hi, this would be such a good opportunity! I’d love to do it, but I’m in Australia 😦

    Colleen and Nick you are offering an awesome experience!


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