Three Ways to train for FREE!

1.  Riding Clinics – HOSTS RIDE FOR FREE!

A perfect mix of theory, practical demos and workshops, plus group and private or semi private lessons, the riding clinic program is new, fresh & revised with loads of new take-home information and exercises to improve your seat, posture and balance. All sports welcome. Nervous riders or green horses a specialty.  Help us host a clinic and RIDE FOR FREE! More >

2. Teacher Training – Attend – Exams – Registration – for Free –

Value $1720!

Colleen Kelly is a fully qualified examiner with the International Society of Rider Biomechanics and conducts their 5 day Teacher Training Course around the world. If you help us arrange a teacher training clinic in your area, then you ATTEND FOR FREE…a value of $1720! And, if you undertake the exams (also free) on the final day, you can become registered as an Official Coach and listed FOR FREE (you do need to be insured to actually teach however   More >

3. Special Police Training

Mounted Police Units around the world not only give of their time, and risk their safety on a daily basis, they also struggle with funds and units closing around the world. We will help Police wherever we can to get training – where possible FOR FREE. This is specialized Police training working on the three major issues:

  • establishing a safe & balance position
  • riding long hours without pain, and
  • performance for drills, military rides,

Colleen Kelly has presented and trained some of the world’s leading Mounted Units and drill teams, including a presentation at the World Famous London Metropolitan Police (the Police who take their saddles off while jumping – have a look), and presenting at NAPEC and the National Police Colloquium  More >

Host any clinic –
and attend FOR FREE!

Contact & Info:   Nicole Schneider


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