3 Day Internship with Colleen Kelly

1.  MidWest Horse Fair  – April 20, 21, 22, 2012 Madison WI
3.  Minnesota Horse Expo – St. Paul Mnn April 27, 28. 29

Join me as an intern – just for 3 days (shorter might be possible too!). It is a wonderful buzzing atmosphere, you’ll be at the actual show, packed with all kinds of people, from every kind of horse sport. And, many amazing presenters you can go and watch as well and see live! I am honored to be presenting, and judging again at Horse World Expo this year.

Colleen Kelly at the Tradeshow Tradestand

Join us as an intern with Colleen Kelly at the Tradeshow Tradestand

If you join us as an Intern for the 3 days of the Expo (dates above), you will be with Colleen the whole weekend, helping with demos and with assessing seat, posture & balance on the tradestand.

You would be with us helping on the tradestand, and “backstage” as we get the horses, but most of all learning about seat and posture the entire time. In fact, as an Intern you get hands on EVERYTHING we do! You need to be a real “go get them” kind of person with an outoging personality so that you can really help and assist with the seat and posture assessments throughout the day, give out brochures and mainly talk to people!

And it’s fun and easy! Colleen will meet you and explain everything before you start your great weekend. Come to MD, come to PA, or come to both, choice is yours, and we’re happy to have you!


Not only do you get the training all throughout the weekend..we will also give you the ENTIRE training with the International Society of Rider Biomechanics Professional Certification Program FOR FREE!  That’s over $600 worth of training, including all your exams and everything, and something like 30 hours of FREE DVDs.
So, we’re looking for only the very best, well presented people to work with us, and really learn and enjoy this work.  This is a way to get a free start into an amazing career, or to boost your knowledge if you are already a riding coach or riding professional.  So, please only apply if you are very serious about a career in seat and posture, or if you’re a parent or coach really wanting to learn and help your pupils.
Applicants must be over the age of 16 and have their parent’s full support (if they are 18 or under).  It is preferred if the person can stay for the entire event, however if you are only available for part of it…then let us know what days you are available.   Looking forward to hearing if you, or one of your riders in your area might be interested!
Phone Colleen Kelly personally on 818 967 1395 or email ckriderbiomechanics@gmail.com with your resume and details.
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