Funny story from WEG…

Did you hear about our story at the WEG (Festival) last year.  The two Lexington Mounted Unit Police Officers donated their time to ride in my demos. However, the horses had been on parade on concrete outside for ages.

When they came onto the soft arena…shall I say…politely…on the soft arena, both horses “let fly”…with two big grey Percheron X Horses…that it “Niagara Falls” in the small presentation pen!

They just went whizz…and whizz…and whizz…it was hysterical.  Especially because they’re so huge!

One of the great volunteer stage managers run on stage with a handful this ‘stuff’ and sprinkled it on, and that was it…no more odor from the urine AT ALL.  “Just like that”…it was amazing.  The Police riders and I were amazed as we wern’t looking forward to 45 mins of eye burning stench!

So I said “hey what is that stuff”?   And “Odor No More” – this amazing product I now use and recommend.

If you’ve ever been to Southpoint Casino, you’ll know what an AMAZING facility it is for horses!  Nothing like it!  At the Show for the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Margit Deerman had the stallion ‘Panadero’ and I was giving her a hand.  We had it in the stables, and you notice nothing until you go into the next aisles and smell the stench!

It’s embarrasing!

But worse, that amonia smell is terribly harmful.  If you’ve ever “got a whiff” of it then you’ll know how it burns if you breath it in.  We have to get rid of the stench and the amonia for the horse’s health!

We don’t use lime anymore either because it if burns me and my skin and it says on the packet to “use with a mask and gloves”…I don’t want it anywhere near my horses or stables!  That’s why I like Odor No More (ONM) because it’s natural, and I know the people in the company and they’re very reputable.  It’s just a great product.

Don’t let that amonia small take over…get a bag today here:

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