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Instead of complicated science…we have “made science simple”, boiling down all the complicated terms and grey areas that no-one can understand to the simplest things. This package has been purchased by absolute beginners wanting to learn the basics – right up to Grand Prix coaches who want new ideas and tips for their pupils who just don’t seem to “get it”.

Pam Talley Stoneburner I downloaded the courses last night and just watched my first one! It is very well worth the price and I can’t wait to watch the rest!! Very practical teaching! Thanks for making this available Colleen!

It goes up to and including shoulder in, half pass and jumping position and it’s the basis of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics Teacher Training Program.  You don’t need to be a coach to enjoy it!  It’s great for riders and parents who supervise their children’s riding.  But it’s in such SIMPLE ENGLISH that anyone can understand.

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These DVDs are the International Society of Rider Biomechanics teacher training course materials including:

►  2.5 hr Theory lecture filmed live. “101 Ways to Improve Your Riding” with brilliant diagrams, covering all the FEI rules relating to the rider’s seat and position, how to develop independent seat, why riders put the horse on the forehand, make horses go crooked and fall in on the circle…and how to fix it.
►  Four separate DVDS – 4 practical 45 min demos given at Sydney International Eventing CCI***  See all the rules and how they apply to the rider’s seat and position. See how amazing it is for riders to start half pass simply by the way they sit. Find out how to TEST all the theories of who is right and who is wrong about how the rider should sit for dressage,
►  The ENTIRE  teacher training day filmed live.  This is all you’ll need to know about rider biomechanics up to and including starting half pass and shoulder in and jumping position.  This is a highly indepth filming of the entire day, and required study material for all biomechanics coaches, but simple and easy for any rider at any level to understand.
►  Improving Extended Trot & Canter DVD.  Some great, simple exercises to start the horse with extension and collection.  Learn how to TEST if your horse is extending, or if they’re just rushing.

If you do want to go on later to do the ISRB Certificate Course, it makes it WAY CHEAPER this way!  More info on the course here >

It’s PERFECT for riders who don’t want to coach but do want to improve their riding, and for parents who coach their own children and want to now how to help. And for all riding sports: dressage, jumping, western, ACTHA.  It’s all the same: good seat and posture and independent seat is what we’re all after…and this is how to get it…and FAST.  Great “quick tips” to speed up your learning, and lots of advice if you want to go on and coach at the highest level in the future.

Suitable for beginners – parents who supervise children- advanced enough for coaches. Ideal for ALL horse sports – English & Western, Dressage & Jumping.

This is the course material if you decide to do the ISRB Certificate Course.  This seat & posture specific is a great compliment to courses such as CHA, ARIA, BHS, NCAS.

HURRY!  Order now!….

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