Update – Shauna Kelly recently passed away peacefully and your prayers are asked for the remainder of Colleen’s family for Christmas 2011.

I just wanted to say to everyone “thank you for your prayers” at this difficult time.

♥   Thank you for your patience in my delay in returning emails
♥   Thank you for your prayers
♥   Thank you for supporting my new work >    that is what is keeping us going!

The nightmare…

The last few years have been a nightmare!  I spent Christmas 2 years ago in hospital & rehab for months learning to walk again.  Once I got out, and felt better the amazing people at Riding for Disabled at Peppercorn Park, Melbourne literally lead me around on a oversized welsh pony.  What a relief they were there for me!

Then, in South Africa Nick suffered a minor stroke – several days in intensive care & hospital – terrifying!

My sister Shauna has ovarian &  2 types of breast cancer, and is amazingly strong through radical surgery and chemo.  My cousins also have breast cancer, darling Irene Manual, and my mother, Gwen Manuel having already passed.  With my dad also with lymphoma cancer & mesothelioma, I had to have prophylactic oophorectomy surgery in April, and I’m still suffering the results!

Thank the Lord we have a brilliant medical system in Australia, otherwise we honestly would be bankrupt by now.  And, it’s all thanks to darling Nick who came to the hospital every day, then rolled me over in bed, and took me to the bathroom and washed me when I couldn’t even walk.  And, this went on for about 2 years!  What a man!

The future

People keep asking “are you moving to the USA”.  The answer is yes!  We are still looking for a place to call home, but we’ve established a company so we can legally be here, licences etc., and although I’ll obviously have to go back to Australia regularly, we really will be calling the USA home.

More prayers please…

So….please…more prayers so I can continue helping riders, and follow my own dream of owning a horse again.  It’s a long way from wheelchair to the stage again, but I’m doing it, but only with your support.  Please pray for my family.

With my deepest and heartfelt thanks….

Colleen Kelly

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Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. Hi Colleen,
    Healing wishes and prayers from Pennsylvania!

  2. Sorry to hear of all your sadness and can feel your pain as I spent 11 months away from home myself with my husband being diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukaemia. Thankfully he got throu all the treatments and stem cell transplant and we have now been home for nearly 3 months. I pray for you and all your family and you seem a very strong person and am sure you will come throu even stronger


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