I remember years ago in one of my very first judge’s exams, I got the question”what’s the No. 1 thing the dressage judge is judging”.   I went into a look description of why IMPULSION was the NO. 1 thing…AND MY ANSWER WAS WRONG!  I got a big fat 0 out of 5 for that question!  And…I’ve never forgotten!

Great information in this audio book. Listen in the car, or play while you ride. It is so inexpensive it’s a great present or stocking stuffer, and for dressage riders, coaches and parents who supervise their children’s riding is just incredible…have a look!

Fancy me making all the way to the exam and not knowing.  This is after YEARS of training, studying, listening to higher judges.  THEY NEVER MENTIONED IT!   Wouldn’t you think that the No. 1 thing the judge wants is the No. 1 thing you are being taught every single day…every single ride…wouldn’t you think that instead of thinking “is he on the bit”, or “is he forward” when that’s NOT the No. 1 thing they’re judging…that you’d be thinking, every step, the No. 1 thing they’re after.

This explains that my pupils who ARE thinking about it are World Champions…have a look for yourself in this quick tip:


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