ISRB International Society of Rider BiomechanicsThe International Society of Rider Biomechanics is the examining and registering body for scientists and horse riding coaches interested in the specific field of the rider’s seat & posture (or biomechanics).

Since the early 1990’s the Society has developed world-wide and has been providing articles, research and horse riding coach’s certification programs. For only the 2nd time the Society have the teacher training materials (18 hrs of the most AMAZING DVDs) on sale.

International Society of Rider Biomechanics (ISRB) Horse Riding Coach's Certificaton with Colleen Kelly

Amazing information in the International Society of Rider Biomechanics (ISRB) Horse Riding Coach's Certificaton 8 DVD set (18 hrs). Fun for beginners. Great information up to and including half pass & jumping position for more advanced riders and coaches

This means that instead of the normal $175, the 8 DVDs can be downloaded for only $75.   You can either then purchase them and just enjoy them, or if you enjoy the work, you might consider going on to compete the Certification Program…all of which is done via correspondence!  No riding, no attendance…you merely watch the DVDs taking your own notes, and then three simple process of testing, and  you then know as much as we know. It’s perfect if you’re a rider wanting to know more.  It’s ideal for coaches already coaching whowant to specialise in the horse rider’s seat, posture & balance and go on to do the Certificate for Horse Riding Coaches….and it’s great for parents who supervise their children’s riding and want to know how to help. Not just a dressage DVD!  It’s for all horse riding sports and includes amazing new information on jumping position.   ACTHA members have also found this work remarkable to teach them to be able to ride long hours without pain. More information here>

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