Quick easy tip….

If you’re heading out for long hours either on a long trail ride, or riding horse after horse start with a slightly shorter stirrup.

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Then, when your knees start to feel as bad as mine felt on the one and only “super endurance ride” we did in Australia, then at least you’ve got somewere to go.  If you start with them a bit longer, you’ve got nowhere to go…but if they’re a bit shorter and you change them half way through at lunchtime or such, then you’re changing the positions of your muscles.

OK it won’t make you feel 10 years younger, but at least it might only be Asprin you’ll be taking that night!!

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  1. this tip makes a lot of sense. Also make sure your stirrups are in a good position on your foot because that can impact your ability to absorb the motion through your knees. Also as my dressage teacher Heather Cochrane, tries to drill into me…. rise using your quads and core stomach muscles, that means there will be much less stress on the knees.


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