Raise your hands – carry your hands – lift the horse in front

If you have heard people say that to you…you may have also heard “there should be a straight line from the elbow through the hand to the bit”.

That’s two VERY different things!

So you’d better know who is right and who is wrong – they can’t both be right!

Who is right and who is wrong?

Well the quick answer is the second one…a direct line from the elbow to the bit, and if you have high hands you’ll get a lower rider mark.   So why do people still hear “raise your hands” when the Rule Book says the opposite, and the judges must follow it accordingly and have a lower rider mark.

That’s just one of MANY grey areas!

Hear Colleen Kelly's almost 2 hr lecture which has been previously approved as PC and USDF Official University Sign off hours...yet fun, easy and simple for beginners

There are so many controversial areas, it’s hard to know what the Rule Book says, what the judge’s want and how to interpret it.  So, finally can have a look at Biomechanics Lecturer and Dressage Rider Mark Specialist (the Judge who got 100% in her Juge’s Exam) Colleen Kelly go through not only this one rule, but every single rule that describes how the rider must sit.

Then you will know once and for all!   No more grey areas,  No more confusion click here for more

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