Next time you’re riding a corner in dressage…put a bit more weight in the OUTSIDE stirrup and you’ll get deeper in the corner.

Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics Seat, Posture & Balance How the Rider Should Sit Audio CD 101 Ways to Improve Your Seat, Posture & Balance for horse riding

Brilliant tips to improve your seat posture & balance & ride long hours without pain!  Put weigh on the inside stirrup and the horse will fall in!  Enjoy!

This is just ONE QUICK LITTLE TIP – you can get 101 tips click here >

And, think where this one little tip could lead later on in higher level movements helping the horse move sideways.

Now…don’t overdo it!  The aids must be INVISIBLE…but it sure is a great trick used by the top riders!

Here’s more information on how to get 101 tips, not just this little one…click here >

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