Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics Clinics Los Angeles

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Colleen Kelly now in CALIFORNIA  for lessons & clinics.  Free Training with Colleen Kelly Rider Biomechanics Seat Posture & Balance Dressage Eventing Pony Club ACTHA America's Favorite Trail Horse

Located between San Diego and Los Angeles she is happy to travel to your venue if you can get 7 riding friends together – your own training is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!   Full Clinics are available for dressage – jumping – western – competitive trail riding.

Do your knees or back hurt?  Would you like to be able to ride longer without pain?   Does your horse seem crooked or fall in on circles.   Then find out from the expert how to fix it!

Start with a Fri Evening Lecture and lessons on Sat & Sun.  More details >

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  1. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your comment! It’s easy…if you have seven riders that you can get together for lessons, then not only is your own training free…you also get:

    * A free PRIVATE lesson for themselves or another rider the day prior or day after the clinic
    * Attendance at the evening lecture FREE for themselves and 2 guests
    * Organisers normally charge a venue fee, or arena fee so you loose nothing arranging a clinic—you can actually MAKE money!

    There’s more in formation here….

    But you can also phone me as well on 818 967 1329 at any time (California time)

    Best wishes, Colleen


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