Biomechanics is a university based science looking at how athletes move.   For horse riding it looks at balance, seat, posture & balance and especially the affect of the rider on the horse’s way of going, performance and success.

Rider biomechanics can improve sitting trot, sitting the canter, and the mechanics of higher level movements.   It can improve complicated things like jumping position over different types of fences, or balance in flying changes, or beginner’s problems like keeping your hands still.

For all horse sports.

It doesn’t make a difference what sport you do.  If you are a dressage rider you will benefit from better balance, more engagement, lighter forehand and easier movements.  If you are a competitve trailer rider, you can get your side-pass straighter and protect your horse from injury by sitting out of balance for long hours.

For western pleasure we can improve your posture, elegance and sophistication in the show ring.

Good posture makes the rider stronger, more balance, and more confident, and is absolutely essential to your success.  Poor balance makes the rider nervous and tense, and the more we improve our balance, the more we improve our personal success and co-ordination with our horse…and, GET THE COMPETITIVE EDGE.

Making science simple

The art of good teaching is to find a way to take what is now a highly complicated science and give that knowledge in a way that anyone can understand.

Colleen Kelly has exceptional skill and talent and top notch education, but it’s making the difficult issues simple that is absolutely essential to your success.

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